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  • The comfort to our emotions, by being surrounded by those that think as we do, is little different than the comfort to our bodies that is promised by a coffin.

  • Wise words will never enter an ear that is closed to reason.

  • Collateral damage is acceptable unless we are part of the collateral.

  • Dreams are the wind in our sails and hope is what we know is just over the horizon ahead.

  • The source of many of our problems isnít hard to find; itís right under our noses.

  • It isnít what makes sense that motivates mankind; in general it is nonsense that gets the job done.

  • We may seem smart if we compare ourselves to one another; but we are ignorant when we compare ourselves to what we know that we donít know and we are barely conscious compared to what we donít know that we donít know.

  • Those that escape the poverty that they were born into will have gained by their earlier poverty; those that are born into poverty and never escaped, will find their earlier poverty a curse.

  • Itís probably true that 90% of us are below average intelligence.

  • Boredom is the hatchery where most of mankindís ills are hatched.

  • Many more things are taken from the works of others than were ever put in; that is because those that do the taking also do a bit of putting of what it seems to them it should have meant..

  • The happiness of youth seems to increase proportionally with the decrease in recall brought on by an increase in years.

  • To temper is to harden or strengthen something; when temper is lost, weakness follows; when we lose our temper, we disclose ourselves as weakening, not strengthening.

  • In writing, one often discovers that the fingers knew something before the brain did.

  • After a certain age, a hair on the head is worth ten in the bush.

  • We like to believe that our friends will tell us our bad qualities; we also like to believe that since they tell us none, that we have none.

  • Trying to be perfect is like trying to reach the horizon.

  • In one way, we can all become self-made in that we can chose our thoughts; and our thoughts are what cause us to be what we will ultimately become.

  • The greatest handicap to developing character is to be born into wealth and be highly intelligent and good-looking.

  • One thing that functions well, even when broken, is the heart.

  • Birth and death are the bookends of our lives.

  • If one were given the choice between intense curiosity or high intelligence, the former would more likely be the vanguard of a successful life than the latter, even though having them both would be ideal.

  • He who laughs last is supposed to be the one that laughs the best; but, it might also be that he is the one that is just slowest to catch on.

  • The sweetest words are often not sugar-coated.

  • Perhaps time only seems to fly from us because it is we that flee from it.

  • With many, learning tends to stop at graduation; but, if curiosity somehow survives education, learning not only continues, it accelerates.

  • We are much more likely to blame bad-luck than give credit to good-luck.


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