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  • It is easier to sail with the "social winds" than against them, but first we need to determine if the easiest way takes us where we want to go.

  • If you always do what others want, you'll end up being the other. If you always do what you want, you'll end up being “you". It is wise to find out if "you" are who you want to be.

  • Lack of confidence produces hesitancy and ambivalence that then places the stamp of failure on our efforts. Better to be confident with the possibility of failure, then hesitant and ambivalent with the near certainty of failure. Over-confidence is just as destructive.

  • When in the lead, never look back over your shoulder, because at that time someone may be passing on the other side. Look straight ahead and go still faster.

  • Never regret an act done in good conscience, for we can never know the results until later. The alternative -"to not act in good conscience", should be deplored even if resulting in success.

  • Every answer to a "why" should spawn another "why" until we get to the unanswered. It is the unanswered that should capture our thoughts if progress is to be sought.

  • Remaining calm when others are frightened is like a narrow peninsula jutting into a turbulent ocean.

  • When wealth increases freedom, it should be praised. When wealth increases oppression, it should be condemned.

  • One should try to hire employees whose abilities hold the promise of displacing their employer.

  • There are those, that when they wrestle with conscience, always root for the home team.

  • If mankind hated ignorance just 1% as much as many individuals hate one another, there would be no hatred of one another.

  • Beware of the obvious. Be aware of the hidden.

  • Set one’s goals as the unattainable, and life will never be without purpose.

  • Making progress is much like surfboarding. One has to be sure and be on the forward slope of the wave if wanting to go forward.

  • It is difficult to understand why it is so important to win an argument when the odds are high that both parties are incorrect.

  • Whenever possible, we should always avoid creating a situation that causes another to lie in order to save face.

  • Those who dismay because others disagree with them should reflect back on the many beliefs that they have today that conflict with those of theirs only a few years ago.

  • When young, we worried what others thought of us; now older, we worry whether anyone will think about us at all.

  • Every time we find someone irritating, or remember someone that we just can’t stand, opens a door into better understanding ourselves, a doorway that we should enter and not just chalk it up to the way others are. This should tell us more of ourselves than of others.

  • Without ever having launched any, there are those that wait for their ships to come in.

  • Good breeding is what unmarried teenagers should try to avoid.

  • The primary reason that so many marriages end in failure is because of the extreme emotion of love, does the choosing instead of the intelligent method of asking oneself:”Is this someone with whom I would want to spend the remainder of my life?”

  • It is characteristic of youth to be aware of the injuries received but oblivious of those delivered.

  • One advantage that men have over women is that if they don’t like their faces, they can hide them under hair.

  • Many mistake abiding by the law as equivalent to being virtuous.

  • Those things about us that we wish were different but aren’t worth the effort to change, may as well be regarded as unchangeable as gravity.

  • It is easy to criticize, but difficult to make something worthy of attracting criticism.

  • There is a very fine line between perseverance and obsession, a line so fine that no one, not even its owner can detect.

  • The most accurate name of the future, for the type of people that are completely inflexible to change, isn’t “conservative”, it is “extinct”.

  • We should feel about our work as if it were play, but we shouldn’t work as though it were play.

  • Perhaps the reason we have the habit of closing our eyes while kissing is that both parties would be turned off and start giggling by looking into a pair of crossed eyes.

  • To apologize and then justify what was done, means that the apology was insincere.

  • If we demand the best, we are likely to get it, especially if we start with ourselves.


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