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  • Novices that put off investing because they don’t understand it are like those refusing to get on a bicycle until after learning to ride it.

  • One of the most underrated personal traits in successful investing is humility, as any thorough examination of success will disclose that many of the variables that end up producing success are not only beyond our control, but also beyond our influencing.

  • One of the most common errors in the stock-market is chasing a stock as it rises above a price that one intended to buy it. It is usually wiser to look for another stock than to pay more for that which isn’t more.

  • One’s failure to be concerned about small and often repeated expenses is like a swarm of locusts on a field of wheat in that one’s economic freedom gets devoured in small bites.

  • There are those that not only count their chickens before they hatch, they even count their eggs before they’re laid.

  • In a time of turmoil, it is the calm mind that survives to prosper.

  • It is strange how many there are that wouldn’t give a stranger on a street corner one dollar, yet seem willing to give a stranger with investment advice tens of thousands of dollars.

  • It is well documented that emotions are extremely destructive in making investment decisions. In fact, if one can detect any emotion when considering an investment, one would be better off finding another investment. An investment plan is essential to long-term investing success, but few develop a plan, and those that do are often quick to abandon their plan when the predictable failure occurs, as no plan produces profits all of the time. Intellect is no protector of one’s wealth when the emotions of greed and panic are turned loose. Sir Isaac Newton, perhaps history’s most intelligent individual, lost much of his wealth because of his greed during ‘The South Seas Bubble” of 1720. The only way to protect ones wealth is to develop an investment plan and stick with it regardless of what the market does, and totally disregard what “experts” indicate that you should do.

  • We most often make our dumbest mistakes at the time we feel we are smartest.

  • A wise person takes the risks that are more than compensated by the likelihood of succeeding and how rich the reward. An ordinary person that takes a risk tends to focus only on the size of the reward. A fool ignores both and focuses only on personal fears and desires regardless of how unlikely the success or small the reward.

  • Few things reveal our true character more than when we gain sudden wealth.


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Page 15 of  33

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