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  • One should wonder that if love for another ever leaves, whether it was ever there at all.

  • Nothing is as worthy of our close inspection as are our basic assumptions about everything.

  • Is there any reason to believe that when our ship comes in that it wonít be empty and demanding all of that which we now hold dear?

  • Ambition which doesnít extend beyond the horizon is called compromise.

  • Death is the grand award to all that run the marathon of life.

  • The bigotry of the oppressed is just as destructive to social harmony as is the bigotry of the oppressor.

  • A successful strategy for life demands that successful tactics be employed daily.

  • No amount of promises is worth a single act of fulfillment.

  • The thin veil of certainty hides a multitude of doubts.

  • One of the things that is most difficult but should be the easiest is to change oneís mind when confronted with information that contradicts a prior opinion.

  • In the long-term, a truth once discovered, will be as difficult to suppress as a volcano.

  • The idealists that are seduced by the promise that pacifism will sustain peace should be thankful for the many that know that belief to be false.

  • The longer a person is dead, the more it is that only their name and deeds are remembered. If dead long enough, even the deeds will be "clarified" to fit the future, leaving only the name like a skeleton of the deeds.

  • The individual that wants his name to live forever fails to understand what living is.

  • It is fortunate that children donít know what adults believe they canít do.

  • Can we consider ourselves wise if we are offended by someone that we never respected?

  • One should consider everything but reject anything if it conflicts with oneís reason.


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Page 15 of  131

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