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  • It seems that wherever we plant our feet, we harvest patriotism.

  • In the past, a nationís great military strength usually prevented the need to use it, but we are passing into a time where great military strength may only present the illusion of security as our enemies disperse themselves throughout our population.

  • Americaís enemies of the future will continue to specialize in the unthinkable; until we also dwell on the unthinkable more than they do, unthinkable tragedies will punctuate our future with more 9-11s.

  • Perhaps we ought to call a truce on President Johnsonís War on Poverty, before we have conditions imposed on us by the impoverished.

  • There was a time when men fought and killed for the purpose of reproduction; this is evolutionary theory of the survival of the fittest. Since nations and their armies came into being, nations have used their most fit men in combat, leaving the least fit home to survive a war and to reproduce. This is evolution in reverse and perhaps explains why it seems as if the quality of humans is devolving.

  • Desperate people will engage in desperate acts, and the most desperate will engage in the most desperate acts; these are reasons why we all should be concerned about the human condition around the world, especially in those desperate groups that have the power to act against those that they blame for their condition.

  • No war has ever occurred where the outcome was in close resemblance to its initial expectations.

  • Were the countryís citizens to believe all of what all of the presidential candidates say of their opponents, we would probably choose, if possible, to become either a dictatorship or a monarchy.

  • The two party system has one advantage over most other kinds of elections, because you usually only have to vote against one person.

  • Living in a free society, we are as equally free to pursue knowledge as we are to pursue dumbness.

  • Today, we are discovering a kind of religious zealot that seems to believe that the shortest route to Heaven is by way of Hell.

  • The biggest problem in having a safety-net, for those that fall, is that the net attracts those that have no need of it, and it also encourages risk taking and its subsequent failures by those that would otherwise have taken no risk and therefore needed no safety-net.

  • It is one of lifeís greatest gifts to exist in a near constant state of wonder, yet we would never elect someone to any office that claims to.

  • Molecules of water, that are frozen, are unable to move and therefore have the virtue of predictability. Molecules of water in their liquid and gaseous states are free to move about and no longer have predictability as to where they will be. So it also is with nations; those nations that want predictability of their citizens will try and freeze the culture and resist change. Those nations that provide freedom to their citizens appear chaotic, but in their apparent chaos, they welcome change and progress and a better life for their citizens.

  • Wars will change maps but they will never change the nature of man no matter how self-destructive they may be.

  • All freedoms came into being by the actions of others, and will only be preserved by the later actions of still others; as it is the nature of mankind to not only deny freedom to others but when possible to take it from them also.

  • The doers evolve into the haves and the not-doers evolve into the have-nots; it has always been so, and even government wonít change the outcome for very long without turning all into not-doers.

  • That which is censored today is doomed to popularity in the future.


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