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  • It may be that Heaven is only occupied by those that lived honorably without seeking Heaven’s rewards.

  • Superstitions always rush in to fill the vacuums created by the absences knowledge.

  • Some beliefs are like predators, always lurking in the dark just waiting for reason to trespass on its domain.

  • Religious leaders wouldn’t need to preach if their actions spoke louder than their words.

  • Ultimate chutzpah is forgiving Galileo for claiming that the Earth goes around the Sun.

  • The logical process of blaming parents for what we are can be extended backwards to eventually blaming God.

  • Always chose your path as though you were to be accompanied by angels.

  • Religions tend to be the final resting places of thoughts.

  • There are those that only pray when they are in trouble, acting as though God were providing a personal “911” service.

  • It is difficult to solve life’s problems on our knees.

  • It is consoling to trust in God, but wise to lock doors.

  • The ultra-dogmatic are those that will not even consider what is clearly verifiable as being true if there is clear conflict with their dogmas. One may as well try and change a dog’s mind as try to change a dogma with reason.

  • Atheism is based on the belief that there is no god because no verifiable evidence of god exists; but atheism seems to be comfortable with the belief that there is no god even though it is impossible for verifiable evidence to exist to support their view.

  • If God had merely wanted us to mindlessly follow herd behavior as most humans are prone, He, during the Creation, would have stopped with sheep.

  • Most religious zealots find it much easier to prescribe behavior for others than to abide by their own prescriptions.


Comments - Our Religious Beliefs
Page 15 of  67

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