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  • What time, or even what day would it be if you were standing on the North Pole?

  • Moralists are the kind of people that would ponder and fuss over the question of whether angels have dandruff.

  • Those that claim victory by conquest would be wise to sit only in corners.

  • Depth of thought is inversely related to the mass that is thinking.

  • One of the likeliest places to become sick is while waiting in a doctor’s waiting room.

  • In a modern society - The things that are wanted but unneeded can be infinite. The things that are needed but unwanted are few. The things that are needed and wanted are fewer yet.

  • Those that say: “Don’t worry about tomorrow, for tomorrow will take care of itself.” miss the point. The person is worrying about themselves and what will take care of them tomorrow, and not what will take care of tomorrow.

  • Many make no distinction between their hunches and the informed opinions of others.

  • Those that dismiss philosophy as just an assortment of ideas are like those that might dismiss music as just an assortment of seven notes.

  • Why is it illegal to lie to the FBI, but not illegal for our President to lie to the entire nation?

  • It is strange how we can agree with another on 99% of the things that matter, and then regard the other person as being disagreeable.

  • There are some paranoids that don’t suffer from mental illness, but suffer from reality.

  • Those that might fault us for what we’ve become might praise us if they only knew from where we started.

  • We all suffer in varying degrees from a terminal condition call life.

  • If one were not impartial, the value of unfair criticism and unfair praise should be the same.

  • Why is it that when someone becomes a skilled entertainer, that the entertainer then imagines that he or she is also a skilled economist and a skilled political analyst, when few have ever graduated from college?


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Page 15 of  101

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