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  • Throughout life, and especially when we age, the past isnít what it used to be.

  • Those that puff themselves up are in danger of appearing like a balloon.- bigger but of little substance.

  • The best way to keep a childís curiosity from dying is to keep the child from being exposed to authority.

  • Life is a long trip without highway signs, and where you donít know where youíre going until the very end.

  • With humans, the maw of time is capable of changing worms into butterflies and butterflies into worms.

  • The less we know of science, the more we discover fears.

  • Our hatred of a thing tends to be in proportion to the extent that we understand it the least.

  • Although we are only a child once, it is possible to remain childish forever.

  • When we see someone doing something, with apparent disregard as to its danger, we may wonder if the person is courageous or foolish. Perhaps that person doesnít know either, as many fools regard any dangerous act as an act of bravery.

  • Virtue is egoism well disguised.

  • Very often, a poor idea plus enthusiasm equals success; and a great idea without enthusiasm equals failure.

  • Those that marry someone with the intent of changing them will accomplish the task; unfortunately, the change wonít be what was intended.

  • Like so many things, an inferiority complex can be claimed to be beneficial or harmful depending on what it produces.; if it causes the individual to give up, then it is harmful; however if it causes the individual to try harder, then it is beneficial.

  • Most successful people are those that that have learned how to intercept their emotions before they rule the individual and have learned how to use those emotions as support for their rational thoughts.

  • Leaders are those that can appeal to the high aspirations within others, and then cause them to believe that the leader knows the way to their attainment.

  • There would be few in prison today if prisons were restricted to only those that intended malice.

  • Patience has a way of melting away most of what aggravates at the moment, and frustrates, to no end, those that intend to aggravate us.

  • Itís true that misery loves company, but usually only if the company is more miserable, and certainly never if that company is jovial.

  • There are some, so light of character, as to be threatened by a gentle breeze.


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Page 141 of  161

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