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  • Some can’t afford morals because they cost too much fun.

  • The reasons that it may take some so long to make up their minds is either that they have too much of it or they can’t find it.

  • It is true that love conquers all, and its first conquest is reason.

  • The illusions of youth grow into the delusions of mid-life and wilt into the disillusions of late-life.

  • Some people seem to believe, that since curiosity killed the cat, that they might be next.

  • Life tends to seem shortest to those that have used it the least.

  • Many conversations are little more than monologues interrupted by other monologues.

  • As we can train a dog to what we want with rewards, our culture has trained us to do what it wants by rewarding our preferred behavior. A model citizen therefore is nothing more than one that is well trained.

  • There are those that would love to commit murder, but only if licensed by their government and named “war”.

  • Old memories, not accessed for years, get permanently misfiled in our brains and sometimes turn up later in our dreams of things that we believe that we’ve never known

  • Why is it that we so much more appreciate those that admire us and so little appreciate those that we most admire?

  • Some are so protective of their ignorance that one might suppose that they believe that getting rid of any of it would require a smaller hat size.

  • We forget more readily those that step on our toes than those that step on our feelings.

  • Mistakes are only detour signs on the road of life, not stop signs.

  • Words aren’t meant to be poked into the ears of others but to be laid out to be sampled.

  • One thing that is never forgotten is the location of a temptation, a temptation which was resisted and never tasted.

  • Perhaps life has no purpose, but few would doubt but what it has a cause.

  • Whenever there is an original thought a turf-battle will result to contest the old against the new with the old thoughts having the most resources and followers to rally and resist the discomfort threatened by the new.

  • In the end we will recognize that we are all idiots only differing because of varying degrees of impairment.

  • Sex, between a man and a woman, is best when the between is kept to a minimum.

  • At some unidentified point in our development we make a decision that will determine how we grow for the rest of our lives; that decision is to either be a vine, that seeks its support and direction from others, or to become a tree that grows independently, and which, if others choose, to support the vines that will grow and climb that tree.

  • There seems to be some strange tendency to value others more after their deaths than while they were living. This tendency may be because we sense that recognizing them after death runs no danger of the praise causing them to acquire any power over us.

  • One of the things that slows our brains down as we age, is the cart that we pull behind us that gets ever heavier with each memory.

  • To be consumed by passion may be very human but not very wise.

  • Ingratitude tends to harden the heart of the giver.


Comments - Our Human Nature
Page 142 of  161

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