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  • Many sources of light would go unnoticed if they werenít surrounded by darkness.

  • We are prisoners within our own minds but fail to recognize this because we see no bars across our eyes.

  • The pursuit of happiness will always fail; it will fail because happiness has already caught us and dwells within just waiting to be discovered and unchained.

  • Doing your best at what you like doing the most isnít work; itís the pinnacle of existence.

  • Some peopleís goals in life are discovered in their mirrors.

  • Those that know little are certain that they understand much; those that know much are certain that they understand little.

  • Lovers are like songs; we all have favorite songs, but we wouldnít want to only listen to the same song forever.

  • Advertising has done an excellent job of bringing desire to the many but has done a poor job of bringing happiness to any.

  • Curiosity survives, not because of its strength, but because it was clever enough to successfully hide from authority.

  • You can march to the beat of a different drummer and gain nothing unless that different drummer is found within.

  • It is undoubtedly true that love is the answer; the next problem is discovering the question.

  • You can fool some of the people some of the time, but you can fool all yourself all of the time.

  • Few things are so feared as new thoughts as to the nature of man; this fear is so great that they are immediately relegated to the realm of nonsense so that they canít threaten the delusions that must be preserved at all costs.

  • It is said that there is no cure for curiosity. Curiosity isnít an affliction needing a cure, and anyone trying to cure curiosity probably will end up poisoning it.

  • Life is like the ball in a pinball machine; they all end up in the hole at the bottom, but itís the bounces along the way that matter.

  • If time seems to go by too quickly, it is easy to slow it down; all you have to do is sit and watch a clock tick off the seconds for an hour or two.

  • Sometimes our wisest words are those that we think but never speak.

  • A sharp tongue inflicts more self-injury than injury to others; the problem is that the owner of that tongue is unaware of the cause of the injury where the recipients are only too aware.

  • The progress of individuals is largely dependent on how much they are delayed by trivia.

  • Fear of failure motivates some to do better while it motivates many to do nothing.

  • No matter how many times you tell someone that you love them, youíll discover after theyíve died, that it still wasnít enough.


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