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  • Grief is the feeling that part of one’s heart has departed as well.

  • There is no gain and only pain when we blame or shame.

  • Overconfidence is like a bird that lays its eggs before it alights.

  • One of the things that most encourages a child to excellence is when he demonstrates to his parents that he is correct about something and that they are mistaken. This is a moment to be treasured, and not a moment to be humiliated.

  • The difference that you discover between yourself and others is the key that opens the door to personal excellence and success, because this door is one that others can not enter.

  • Although we gain much through our kindness and charity, if we do these for gain, they are neither kindness nor charity but self-interest in disguise. Our gains should come as the wake of a boat, a result but not the purpose.

  • When a child takes its first step, it is to the applause of those that care, and so it is with our first steps in whatever we do; if there is disinterest or criticism, the first step may become the last.

  • Reputation and a match can be burned but once.

  • Homes are those small areas of the world where we create our own universes; because this is so, we shouldn’t be surprised at the diversity of individuals that were once, as children, living in these highly varied universes and wanting to continue doing so today, especially when homes are often occupied by two that come from two very different universes.

  • Failure doesn’t establish the borders of what you can do; failure only establishes the borders of what you have done.

  • One of the qualities that most elevates us in the eyes of others, is not our always being right, but the willingness to say that we were wrong when that was the case.

  • Though it may sound strange, the most important friend that you will ever make is yourself, and this isn’t as easy as it may seem.

  • Although we are guaranteed the right to pursue happiness, there is no guarantee or even the probability that it will be captured.

  • The lies that will suffer us the most are the ones that we tell ourselves.

  • Those that believe that they have no creative skills only need to reflect on their nighttime dreams to discover what creativity is when unleashed by our daytime inhibitions.

  • We never regret never hating, but we oh so often regret never loving, and doubly so to love but to have seldom spoken the word.

  • The bitterest words that we’ll ever regret are the harsh words spoken to our loved ones and the harsh words the loved ones spoke to us.

  • Our lives seem to flee fastest when we are happiest; unfortunately, the best way to slow the passage of our lives is to be miserable.

  • Nothing in our evolution begins to explain our affinity for music, as the many different kinds of music are mostly unrelated to any sound that could be heard in nature today or the past. It is as though God decided to give us a unique source for life’s enrichments.

  • The winds of hope are all that propel many throughout their lives.

  • Those that are driven need to be very careful with whom they compete; or else they will destroy themselves against a superior competitor.

  • Genius that seeks fame is most often an imitation of genius.

  • Our candle is often snuffed out by the lack of enthusiasm for life.

  • Evil seldom germinates except in lust for power of some sort.


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Page 144 of  161

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