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  • Envy and jealousy are two edges of the sword designed to be used on its bearer.

  • Truth is most often overlooked because it contains no comfort.

  • Those that claim that life is unfair have never read the rulebook so how do they know?

  • We are born into ignorance; stupidity takes time.

  • Although the average heart weighs about ten ounces the love that it contains will often cause it to soar.

  • Old age does bring on many problems, but unlike most problems, these are the ones that we don’t want to miss.

  • Humans so desire to know that they know much of what is unknowable.

  • We can measure the maturity of others in how little is required to make them happy. We can measure the immaturity of others in how little it takes to make them unhappy.

  • Difficulties are like the plows of spring that permits the growth of what wasn’t there before.

  • Humans are the only creatures that when they have no major problems will manufacture major problems from trifles.

  • Melancholy is a product of inactivity; a busy person doesn’t have time for it.

  • Although love may perish with the body the benefits live on.

  • The mob has great appeal for those that want violence but haven’t the courage to perform it alone.

  • Humility is a virtue until one becomes proud of it.

  • In the nation of “Me-Too” the “I’m Not” rules.

  • In one way, a dog is vastly superior to man; the dog can’t be corrupted by flattery.

  • If there are few atheists in foxholes, then there are even fewer that believe in turning the cheek.

  • Whatever the soul is, it is less likely that it was issued at conception than its being forged by life itself.

  • Creative abilities are unleashed when one can finally get to the point of being unconcerned about the opinions of others, or even the opinion of God; they are freed when our inhibitions are themselves inhibited so that the boundaries of one’s mind no longer impinge of on what the mind creates.

  • For many, the ladder of success should be climbed down.

  • More important than attaining the goals in life is in just having them.

  • The pursuit of our goals in life should be like car tires with self-sealing ability, in that no matter how many times our pursuits are pierced by defeats, our pursuits don’t deflate and we continue forward.

  • Swimming looks easy to one that has never been in deep water; likewise, it is easy to feel brave before there is any necessity to be so. 3*

  • Although we tend to fear the unknown, we fail to recognize that in each minute that we live because we live in the familiar unknown.

  • Although we may find it offensive to be called a quitter, in the end, we all are.

  • In a sense, at the time when we were born, each of us were like someone that was placed in a canoe with two paddles; at first we are carried along by the external forces that we could neither control nor influence. For some unknown reason, some of us focus on the swiftness of the current and only use the paddles to steer their descent downstream. However others use their paddles to move upstream, even though they know that at some point in the future, they also will abandon their paddles and go down the stream like everyone else.

  • Most desires are like fires, fires that were created to warm their creators and to consume those that do the desiring.

  • It is difficult to distinguish between the mental abilities of those that are average, but intensely motivated, and those who are true geniuses but are unmotivated.

  • Those that haven’t conquered themselves have a slave master-living within.

  • Dogma is a kind of crutch that permits those, handicapped by the lack of reason, to pass through life unencumbered by thought.

  • The moon hastens like a comet while with the one you love and while dwelling on matters loved by both.

  • If individuals are denied an occasional pleasurable experience, they will most often cause the most un-pleasurable experiences for others.

  • If you discover that you have no talents, you can always excel in humility.

  • We choose our sexual orientation the very same way that we choose our ancestors.

  • The measure of what is offensive seems to rise in proportion to population densities.

  • Many go from childhood to old age without anything in-between.

  • It is too bad that there isn’t a vaccine against flattery so that we can be just as immune as are our dogs.

  • Each of us comes with an expiration date; the problem is that we don’t know its language.

  • The wealth of a girl’s parents is often her most attractive makeup.

  • The stature of an individual is not measured by the gauges used by others but by the character that each individual carries within.

  • The past will always seem better than the present to those that go through their memories as they do when going through a cafeteria.

  • The main value of the internet is that it enables us to find the maximum amount of information to support what we already believe.

  • A computer needs an operating system, like “Windows”, before it can process input into anything that is meaningful; the human mind also uses an operating system called “Assumptions”, which is required before it can process input into anything that is meaningful. Unlike a computer, each of us uses a different operating system; this means that each of us can process the same input into things that mean something different for each of us.

  • Humans are just like their pets in that they can be trained by being rewarded in what they do. How else can it be explained that mankind clings to so much of that which is nonsense?


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