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  • We are noticed by our words; however, we are known by our deeds.

  • Irrationality has no ears but posses a very large mouth.

  • The hearts of many are like cacti; prickly on the outside but soft within.

  • Flattery is the cheapest price that is paid for our friendship.

  • Fears like bats take flight in darkness and are put to rest in the light.

  • The road ahead is much easier traveled when it is swept free of those things that canít be changed.

  • If you wonder if youíre happy, you arenít.

  • Desires tend to expand geometrically while the means to their fulfillment tend to expand arithmetically.

  • We originate out of nothingness for only the brief awareness between birth and death before returning to nothingness yet again.

  • Perhaps absolute power does corrupt absolutely; but even more are corrupted by the lust of absolute power.

  • Custom creates the deepest ruts.

  • We go forward like an adding machine that totals up our past into the sum of the present.

  • To understand the words of another is far from understanding the person.

  • Until you destroy the will of an enemy, that enemy is still an enemy that may grow even stronger than before.

  • Perhaps it is only because of our not yet knowing language that our earliest experiences are misfiled in our minds only to trouble us later as though coming to us from the outside.

  • As the smaller the dust, the more easily it is disturbed by a small wind; the smaller the mind, the more easily it is disturbed by a small annoyance.

  • Were it not for our abilities to repress, weíd all recognize the monsters and angels that live within.

  • It is as possible to have too much of a good thing as it is to have too little of a bad thing.

  • Although bigotry isnít genetic in origin, it tends to pass down through successive generations as if it were.

  • It is easy to regard what mankind does as being apart from nature; were an ant able to think, it would regard itself as apart from nature too. We must remember that all that we do is natural, as it is impossible for a product of nature to do otherwise. It is just that we are a very unusual facet of nature and are not mere spectators.

  • Many equate knowing themselves by knowing their inventory of fears and desires.

  • That which we fear is more likely to attack our backs than our fronts.

  • If we saw ourselves as others see us, we would probably look more like the background.

  • The things that happen to us that can be described by words affect our intellect; what canít be described by words affects our intuition.

  • Those that thirst for the approval of others will find their thirst unquenchable.

  • Even with our best attempts, words are poor tools for describing life; as it turns out, only living can do that.

  • The introvert will be quick to detect the threat from within.

  • If the truth shall set you free, it wonít be because it was only spoken once; because the first time it will be thought of as lunacy.

  • Love is not the foundation of a happy marriage; rather love is only the cornerstone that started what follows. That then becomes much more than mere love.

  • More couples of today would want children if they had more of the properties of a Wal-Mart purchase, - a good warranty and some kind of return policy if not satisfied.

  • The greatest happiness is that which is least dependent on what is external and most on what is internal.

  • Even the least educated among us know many things that the most educated of a hundred years ago never suspected.


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