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  • Oneís life is like a burning fuse in that only ashes are left behind; it is intense when things are happening, and the future represents both opportunity and threat. This is because we know that burning will continue but will never know for how long.

  • It is far more tempting to mind other peopleís business than oneís own.

  • The main hope that we should have is that hope itself will always exist.

  • Those that contend that absolute power corrupts absolutely fail to notice the even greater corruption that occurs when people feel powerless; the corruption then is greater but since they are powerless, their corruption goes largely unnoticed until it is vented against those with power.

  • Youth, with so much life ahead, seems to care about life the least while the aged cling to the years the most; undoubtedly this is another instance of supply and demand at work.

  • The main difference between creative people and those that arenít is that creative people capture their absurd thoughts and examine them while the others steer those thoughts quickly to the exits.

  • The best time to persuade another is before they have declared the opposite.

  • Mankind always wishes to know its future; but if the wish were granted it is certain of that which would have been would not be.

  • Of all of the words that we know, perhaps the most important is the word ďnoĒ when we tell it to ourselves.

  • The eyes often speak words that the mouth never does.

  • Those that have the greatest need are those that are most receptive to help. Therefore, those that want to take advantage of others always find their most willing victims among those that are most needy.

  • It is true that every day of life brings us one day closer to when we will be no more; yet it is part of our nature to welcome its arrival anyway.

  • We have often been told to just be ourselves, as though we could do otherwise. Even when we attempt to be like another, we are just being so insecure about ourselves that we vainly attempt to be like another.

  • Nothing clarifies a thought as much as oneís preparations for explaining that thought to another.

  • Some are good at practicing thrift but are poor in its execution.

  • A completely open mind will permit anything to enter; it is better to have an open mind with a filter that can separate the possible from the nonsense.

  • Humans seem to have a distinct weakness in that their being contented tends to be so perishable.

  • It may be that life is a game, and as a game it has been rigged for the benefit of some and to the detriment of others; but this is what is important, the rigging exists alright, but it was poorly rigged.

  • One of mankindís most unifying forces is when individuals share the same phobias.

  • The emotions, which developed during mankindís long history, served us well long ago but tend to serve us badly now.

  • Although there are many that are handicapped mentally because of genetics, there are thousands of times more that are mentally handicapped by dogmas and superstitions.

  • Repetitive work has the benefit of making products less expensive; but it also has the effect of making satisfying work almost nonexistent.


Comments - Our Human Nature
Page 148 of  161

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