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  • What we learn when young are like mental tattoos that tend to persist for the rest of life unless excised by extreme measures.

  • Paranoids become even more so with a correct diagnosis.

  • Life, like the hourglass, seems to empty more swiftly the fewer the gains of sand that are left.

  • Death is only the last way that we die.

  • If the grass seems greener on the other side, itís probably because envy is greener on your side.

  • The ladder of life has its rungs more widely spaced at the bottom than at the top.

  • To respond negatively to an insult is to suffer a double indignity.

  • Our hates often live longer than we do.

  • Success isnít the product of chance; it is the product of planning. However, before one can execute a long-term plan control must first be made that permits the mind to dominate the body. This is because the body only makes ultra-short-term plans and cares nothing about long-term benefits. If the body rules, success will flee.

  • In our darkest moments, even a flickering candle will seem bright.

  • Everybody comes into a relationship with some baggage; fortunately for us, airlines donít charge extra.

  • Successful people have learned how to use rejection as a fuel to power them even further.

  • Great deceivers are well aware of the tendency to be persuaded by first impressions.

  • Impulses are seldom the product of thoughts; however thoughts are often used to explain impulses.

  • Character is one thing that can be kept long after others believe it to be lost.

  • For our own comfort, we silently lie to ourselves and eventually believe what was a lie to become our truth. Such is the price of comfort.

  • Humans are the only animals that seek meaning in life, and after seeking it and not finding it, will invent it.

  • The tug between our reason and our emotions are at times like flying a trainer airplane where someone else sits beside us that can suddenly seize control of the plane at unexpected times; times when the trainer senses dangers that the trainee doesnít.

  • One of the secrets of happiness is to have durable satisfactions and only transitory dissatisfactions.

  • Hope is a kind of currency that is used to buy a part of a dream of the future.

  • Ignorance converts humans into sheep and makes them easily fleeced and quick to be devoured by predators.


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Page 149 of  161

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