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  • So much of what moves us as individuals is because of all the circumstances that affected us before we knew language, and therefore were denied a filing system where we can now go to and access those long lost and unlabeled files that still move us in unpredictable ways.

  • If we all expressed anger to everyone that angered us that anger would spread around the world in a matter of a few day; love works the same way, but because of human nature. it spreads so slowly that few seem to notice it because of their anger.

  • Patience often produces much more than does force.

  • For some strange reason our opinions of others tends to go up as they go down in their graves.

  • If such a thing as absolute freedom exists, it would be in our minds and would border on madness.

  • Little of what is said during passion is remembered; and lovers should be glad for this.

  • Character is the real thing; reputation is only its shadow.

  • One of our greatest deficiencies isnít in not knowing the answers to the questions that life asks; it is our not knowing what questions to ask.

  • Experience it is said is the best teacher; but not every experience is. The best teacher is a painful experience.

  • We will more understand our insecurities by understanding why we resent certain others.

  • We enter life as empty vessels that are filled by those closest to us; it is for those that want to be free to discover what things that were placed within us that confines, and what liberates; then to starve the first and feed the second, for if not done, the first will become a parasite and consume the second.

  • Before a people can want freedom, they must be freed from the bondage of hunger.

  • Even though today is called the present because it is a gift to us, it is also true that what the present contains is mostly what we put in it.

  • The happiness of one individual is unlikely to be known by another in the same way that a person, blind since birth, can not know of yellow.

  • Only through knowledge can we begin to grasp the magnitude of our ignorance.

  • He who travels furthest is the one that has learned to be the judge of his own steps.

  • Character is whatís left after fears and desires are excised.


Comments - Our Human Nature
Page 150 of  161

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