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  • Those that are ambivalent about a particular investment are way ahead of those that have no doubts.

  • Those that try to beat the stock-market usually suffer even more by its reciprocating.

  • More profits are denied because of a lack of gluteus maximus than from a lack of wise stock selection.

  • One shouldn’t buy a stock unless one would be willing to own the whole company, because buying any stock is in fact buying a portion of that company.

  • The value of a stock is the price of its last sale. The value of that same stock ten years later is the price of its last sale. Any other value resides solely in the mind and not the marketplace.

  • The ranting of those opposing globalization should be regarded as the tantrums of children that want their own way regardless of the needs of others.

  • Earning income is like making bread in that one needs to save a part of the uncooked bread in order for the yeast to provide the bread for our future needs.

  • Labor and capital need to be smart enough to recognize that they are co-joined twins, and that if one suffers for long, so will the other.

  • Patience in the stock-market should be like planting an orchard; one doesn’t cut down the trees after one year for their lack of fruit.

  • If all the money of the richest man were divided and presented to another, there’d be two rich people; the same would be true if divided between a hundred and perhaps even a thousand, but if divided up for everyone, the benefits to all would be trivial.

  • An investor without an investment plan is like a traveler without a destination.


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Page 16 of  33

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