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  • The ultra-dogmatic are those that will not even consider what is clearly verifiable as being true if there is clear conflict with their dogmas. One may as well try and change a dog’s mind as try to change a dogma with reason.

  • We have absolutely no obligation to ascribe to a duty prescribed by others, but only to those duties prescribed by our consciences.

  • If living efficiently were a supreme value, the greatest efficiency in living would be to die immediately.

  • Social equality means pretending as though we are all the same while knowing that we are all different.

  • Nature takes no more notice of the death of a president than it does of the death of an ant.

  • Absolute inflexibility in anything is a description of brittleness and a predictor of subsequent failure in almost everything except personal integrity.

  • Confidence all by itself is not the positive attribute that many contend; rather it is the knowledge that gives birth to confidence that should be praised. If we put our confidence in things that will fail us, our confidence is equivalent to folly.

  • What we call "civilization" is the inverse of social entropy.

  • If one wants to "live happily ever after" that person needs to obtain a visa to a fairytale.

  • It is no easier to comprehend our eternal non-existence before and after our existence, than it is to comprehend the infinity of space beyond our tiny solar-system.

  • If you think that "laughter is the best medicine" you’d best be suspicious of the diagnosis.

  • It is remarkable how much pondering is done over matters in which there is not, and cannot be, any evidence, such as to whether there is life after death, and if so, what is it like.

  • To the wise, the more they know, the more they doubt. To the unwise, the less they know, the less they doubt.

  • It is perhaps fatal arrogance to assume that our culture or anything very similar will endure throughout the future of mankind. Any study of history discloses that all those that had this belief in the past are both dead, and were dead wrong.


Comments - Our Non-Religious Beliefs
Page 16 of  131

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