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  • We only censor that which we fear.

  • Before any law comes into being, no matter how successful it may become in achieving its end, it should first be considered if the law itself will produce more harm through its implementation, then would have occurred in the law's absence.

  • One reason so many governments fail is because those in power so often require agreement of those below them.

  • It isn’t the fact that America is the world’s only superpower that causes hate in the fundamentalist Muslim community, it is that America represents the zenith of Western economic success that acts just like a competitive religion that entices those in a fundamentalist culture to question their own values.

  • Although there are exceptions, the most likely result of giving money, without its being earned, is to increase the very problem that was originally intended to be solved.

  • In a market economy, individuals are paid what the market dictates the worth of anything to be; those that find this repugnant apparently believe that individuals should be paid based on what politicians believe the worth of anything to be. The first reflects reality, the second idealistic foolishness.

  • The Bill of Rights guarantees us the right of free speech unaccompanied or proceeded by thought. This right is not underused.

  • The editorial bias of newspapers and broadcasters is detected in what they choose to relate or choose not to relate, and to the extent that they emphasize anything.


  • All currencies should be looked at in the following way. Think of each currency as being a sinking ship that is also in a fleet of other sinking ships. Because all of the ships are sinking, all of the masts on the ships are also. Paper-money (fiat money) will always deteriorate as every government finds it politically advantageous to print money instead of taxing their citizens. The average citizen doesn’t realize that inflation is actually a stealth-tax.

  • Ben Franklin should have said that there are only three things that are certain: death, taxes, and the debasement of currency. Because of this, any investment is like trying to climb the highest mast (the investment that has the best future prospects) on the ship that is sinking the slowest. Long-term trends are for every currency to deteriorate towards zero, but at greatly varying rates. Whenever you buy an investment, you may be unknowingly investing in the currency of the country where that investment is based.


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