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  • Fundamentalists like to imagine themselves as a dam holding back a powerful river of evil, when actually they are just a wall in a desert acting as a minor diversion to the wind.

  • Since we will never know Godís Plan, what reason do we have to trust that God will do as we want or expect?

  • One product of determinism is free-will.

  • The moment that verifiable facts conflict with faith, the lifespan of that faith becomes numbered.

  • It is remarkable how much pondering is done over matters in which there is not, and cannot be, any evidence, such as to whether there is life after death, and if so, what is it like.

  • It often seems that mankind is competing with God for the honor of destroying itself.

  • The most objective way to look at organized religions is to recognize them as being advertisers of a particular view of Godís intentions. If one believes all other advertisements, then that person should have no problem believing any of the thousands of viewpoints of organized religions.

  • Curiosity and reason must flee when entering a house of worship.

  • God must surely laugh at mankindís creation of immortalizing monuments.

  • It is a great sorrow to assume that Godís Words died and were buried inside of a book, rather than those words still being alive and revealing new truths for the developing problems of mankind.

  • Not only are many called but few chosen, but many more are called but never hear.

  • It seems that many religious leaders require us to ignore the gift of God that enables us to make observations and also to ignore His gift of reason to make rational conclusions.

  • If we only succeeded because others failed, our souls would become impoverished.

  • Many treat a doubt like an unsightly dust-ball to be swept under a carpet of dogmas.

  • Those individuals that can maintain and strengthen their faith in God during brutal physical deprivation and also during great emotional travail are among the many unrecognized saints that have always been with us.


Comments - Our Religious Beliefs
Page 16 of  67

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