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  • Those that are brutally honest tend to be much more brutal than honest.

  • Life is like climbing a staircase in the dark in that we never know how many steps lie ahead or even if there are any at all.

  • It would be interesting if an autopsy could be performed to discover the cause of death of the child that was within each of us.

  • When we stare long into the black abyss, it beckons our return.

  • Beauty may be in the eye of the beholder, but ugly is visceral.

  • Because the bars that imprison us cannot be seen doesnít mean that they donít confine us as completely as though they were. Chief among these invisible bars are our fears that prevent us from doing and being what we can be. In most cases, these bars were forged by society to cause us to comply with their wishes and against our own nature.

  • Friends become an extension of us, and we become extensions of them.

  • The knack of being able to ignore the irrelevant and focus on the relevant is one of the most important traits of those that succeed.

  • The gift of respect is greater than any material gift.

  • With aging comes the right to complain about aging; but with aging should also come the wisdom to do otherwise.

  • The most certain way to overcome the dread of something is to put it into your past as quickly as possible.

  • The most important gifts that we ever receive are those we receive at birth; yet they are the ones that tend to be east appreciated.

  • When spontaneous combustion occurs, it is usually destructive to our ends; however when spontaneous combustion occurs within us, it is usually constructive to our ends.

  • To consider patiently that with which is disagreed is the sign of a mind wishing to grow and fearing stagnation.

  • In our passage through life, it is all too easy to become distracted by the flotsam passing by and forget our destinations.

  • Life is a torch that burns brightly; but like all torches, they only burn until they consume themselves completely.

  • We can learn a lot about ourselves by trying to understand why some people irk us so.

  • Most of the problems that we try to escape from are those that we carry inside.

  • The most persistent and destructive sounds that we detect are the sounds of our fears and desires echoing within our minds.

  • The human mind has the amazing capacity to take that, which is totally unknowable, and create a make-believe world that erases all doubts and fears.

  • We are like a cup in that we can never be sure of what we can contain until we run over,

  • One of the most difficult things to accept in our existence is that the Universe may be totally indifferent to us.

  • Much of life is like whittling; you just keep cutting away what is unwanted until only the wanted remains.

  • Uncertainties of the future only end when we do.

  • Until we are willing to step out of ourselves we will remain our own jailers.

  • Nature tends to be absolutely permissive; without any instructions, it lets us succeed or fail, based on what we do.

  • Of course there are limits on what we can do; the problem is that not only do we not know what they are but it is also impossible to know what they are.

  • The unwise judge while the wise try to understand.

  • There are those that can see into the darkness and there are those that refuse to see from the darkness.

  • It is difficult to grow up until you discover where up is.

  • Life is a procession of failures; we become a child when we fail to remain an infant; we become an adolescent when we fail to remain a child; we become an adult when we fail to remain an adolescent, and we become a part of eternity when we fail to remain an adult.


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