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  • Many commitments are really obsessions all prettied up for consumption.

  • Neither the words happy nor joyful are adequate to explain the feeling when one finds oneself smiling when no one is around.

  • The only way to live a life without shadows is to dwell in darkness.

  • A pleasing face may be what attracts but it is a warm heart that retains.

  • Each of us exists minutely within a flicker of time; yet within the flickering many imagine themselves great and immortal.

  • Most of the obstacles of life are the one’s that we’ve placed before us.

  • The thirst for water causes us to seek what quenches thirst; however, the thirst for peace of mind seldom causes us to seek enlightenment.

  • When a child loses its grasp on a balloon, it slips away to parts unknown; likewise, when we loosen our grip on ourselves, we also slip away to parts unknown.

  • Generally, the most difficult tasks are the ones that we have deferred the most; and they become more difficult the more that we defer.

  • Our passion for learning and understanding may do more to keep senility away than any diet or drug will and will enrich our lives in the process.

  • Hatred is the child of ignorance and the parent of anger.

  • When another relates a misfortune, it is wisest to not reveal any of your own.

  • One of the most valuable things we can do for ourselves is to retain the child within us but lose the childishness.

  • Happiness flows from our appreciating what we have and unhappiness flows from our focusing on what we don’t have.

  • Few life-forms are more delicate than a butterfly, yet it fulfills itself by emerging from the safety of its cocoon.

  • Happy people have learned how to have high expectations of life without having high disappointments when unrealized.

  • It is a strange malady of the human mind that gives more credence to the words of a stranger than to those that we’ve long known.

  • Each of us was born with navigational system to set us on an original course; the role of society has been to cause us to ignore that course and follow the courses dictated by others.

  • The greatest likelihood is that we can only produce small changes in the world about us; however, it is very likely that the world about us will produce many changes in us even if we resist.

  • When we return to a place of our childhood, it is surprising to see that the houses have become smaller and the hills less steep; were we permitted to do the same by much later returning to the Earth itself, we would also discover how tiny it has become as well.

  • The feeling of being free will always be illusive until one first gains control over fears and desires; until then, it is they that will be free to enslave their host.

  • The diversity of human thought is so vast, that it would be closer to the truth to regard the brain of mankind as a zoo than the ultimate product of evolution.

  • To say we had no choice is an attempt to abandon responsibility for our acts; the first time that we will really have no choice will be at the moment of death.

  • Many assume that we are born free even though the constraints on an infant are much greater than an adult. Freedom is only an abstract concept that indicates being without the feeling of being constrained. For instance if one doesn’t aspire to flap arms and fly, one will never feel constrained in doing so and therefore never suffer from that particular lack of freedom.

Comments - Our Human Nature
Page 152 of  161

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