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  • The purpose of a speedboat is not to make a wake, but it always does when moving forward; the same is true of mistakes, as long as one is moving forward there will be mistakes, the most serious of which is the choice to stop moving forward at all.

  • The thin line between genius and insanity, in some individuals, is like a line drawn in the sand during a sandstorm.

  • If our lives were to be measured on the efficiency of our benefiting others, the certain winner would be when we spend a few moments encouraging others in what they are undertaking.

  • It is only the wishful thinking of mankind that assumes that if everyone acted according to their consciences, that the world would be a better place; however there is no evidence to suggest that mankind is invisibly linked through a common conscience.

  • The tyranny of fashion will cause many the dread of being seen wearing what was in fashion only a year ago.

  • It takes great courage to expose ones dreams to the possible ridicule of others; yet without that exposure the dreams will die and become buried in our pasts.

  • Our fears, when left un-confronted, take nourishment and grow to the point that they confront us.

  • Creativity is never discovered in a mob, or even in a small group, until that group shrinks to only one.

  • Curiosity acts like a plough to our grey-matter to plant the seeds of new ideas and permit our intellectual growth.

  • Lack of self-discipline is like a sailboat without an anchor or a steering wheel.

  • It is easiest to accept failure when we know that we’ve done our best; the failure that is most difficult to accept it that which we claim to have done our best but secretly know otherwise.

  • A brilliant mind, not linked with knowledge, is like a powerful motor running but connected to nothing.

  • If one suffers the ravages of aging, the thought of death might seem less frightening and could give new meaning to the old saying,- “Better late than never”.

  • Not seeing the forest for the trees happens often; but almost as common is not seeing the trees for the forest.

  • As is true for each and every one of us, our ignorance is vast, but only marginally more so than our reluctance to use what we already know.

  • Education begins when curiosity begins and ends when curiosity ends.

  • The secret of being constantly motivated is learning to be one’s own judge and therefore take no notice of the judgments of others.

  • It has been said that we can never step on our shadows; but if we would only look beneath our feet, we will find that we are always standing on our shadows; the only time that we can’t step on our shadows is when we are in complete darkness. Even in the brightest sunshine and at noontime too, we will always tread on our shadows. Shadows always accompany us throughout life until meeting that final darkness.

  • Achieving excellence while fearing the judgments of others is like trying to light a fire under water.

  • Life’s greatest victory is when we have finally conquered ourselves.

  • Humans are unique in their ability to cause their beliefs to see what cannot be seen and hear what cannot be heard.

  • Everyone seems to want the sincere agreement of others even if their agreeing is based on poor reasoning and misinformation.

  • Perhaps what we call courage is nothing more than the determination to continue onward without regard to personal consequences.

  • The older we become the more aware we become of how foolish we’ve been and then wonder if perhaps we still are.

  • An unshared life is less than half a life.

  • It seems to be the nature of mankind to exaggerate the anticipated pleasures and pains of the future.

  • The ripples of our life continue long after we have made our choices, whether those choices were to act or not act; in life, there aren’t any no-wake zones.


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