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  • ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,………….,The Denial of Denial…………………………………………………….

  • It is an all too human tendency to deny that which is very painful to accept. We are well aware of this tendency when something, very painful to accept, comes to our awareness. However, there are many things about the very nature of being human that we have become so accustomed to in denying that we no longer consider that we are denying at all.

  • For instance, we imagine our great importance in the Universe when it is all too apparent that we are as insignificant as an ant except to ourselves and those around us.

  • We also imagine our importance in time and regard the time of our existence to be the most important of all times that were and will be; however, we are insignificant in time as well as have been all humankind throughout history. All living things that we know of will be swept away by the broom of time and leave the Universe the same as if we had never existed.

  • But, perhaps the greatest and most frequent of our denials is in our denying that we are even denying these two basic denials. As long as we are denying that we are denying these two denials, we will remain trapped into a kind of thinking that will continue to make us unable to adapt to a rapidly changing world that requires us to confront and solve life’s multitude of problems.

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  • We have become so anxious to make a good impression that we have forgotten how to be good.

  • Memories should be likened to seeds that are planted in that they will never remain as first planted in the mind; some will grow to become something very different than the original while others will wither, decay and vanish forever. Few if any will remain like the original.

  • Personal growth always requires us to venture into the unknown since that is a place where we have never been.

  • The kind of learning that has the greatest appeal is that learning that indicates that what we already knew is all that we need to know.

  • Humor arises from something that increases tension slightly and then relieves it suddenly. This is the reason why timing is so critical and why hearing the same joke a second time is seldom humorous.

  • Apathy wouldn’t be difficult to overcome if it weren’t for the fact that in doing so it would make no difference.

  • What will primarily guide us through life are not our thoughts but our habits; what will primarily create those habits are our thoughts. For this reason we need to be aware of our repetitive thoughts as they will form the paths that we will tend to follow for the rest of our lives.

  • Mankind will always want heroes if for no other reason than to believe that there are others more courageous than themselves.

  • In the dawning of our lives we need to have hope for ourselves; in the twilight of our lives we need to have hope for others.

  • Many, that profess happiness, do so only because they have found mechanisms to keep away the sources of their fears; however, in doing so they have created another fear, the fear that these mechanisms will fail. It is this last fear that gives birth to much obsessive behavior since these mechanisms will always seem to threaten failure.

  • The law that each of us violates daily is the Law of Averages.

  • Ideally, ideals should not be written in stone; rather they should be changed as we grow in very much the same way that we would not regard the ideal fit of a shoe at twenty to be the same shoe that we wore at ten.

  • Happiness is more likely to find us than we to find it by our searching.

  • A great ambivalence about experiencing the perfect moments of life is that in order to experience them, they must be consumed and not preserved.

  • There would be more happy people if they stopped searching for the meaning of life and started putting meaning into their lives.

  • Knowledge comes to us in linear form, one word after another, while understanding comes to us in globs that can’t be expressed in linear form; when expressed as globs, we call it understanding or art.

  • To what extent the meaning of life exits, it is to be found within and never with out.

  • Although we are often harmed by the lies that are told to us, the greatest harm of all is caused by the lies that we tell ourselves.

  • Perhaps alcohol does lower our inhibitions but it also increases some of our chances.

  • Where fools rush in is usually the place where fools choose to stay.

  • Many believe that play is essential to one’s ideal development; but play doesn’t necessarily mean any physical activity since there are those that can play vigorously while seated in a darkened room all alone.

  • Once we get to know people, that we initially thought were normal, the more that we recognize that they aren’t. It may just be that there is no such thing as an average person and that all we are referring to are our impressions about the average of all of the non-normal people.

  • We tend to formulate our understandings by using simplistic methods to comprehend complex things; in the end these understandings are as simplistic as to be regarded as misunderstandings.


Comments - Our Human Nature
Page 154 of  161

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