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  • It seems to be the nature of humans to struggle because when not confronted with an external challenge, we invent one.

  • Life is like riding a bicycle in that the easiest thing is to coast downhill; that will take us to the bottom every time and leave us there,

  • The information that we gather, but fail to use, dies and is buried; it is the information that we gather and use that takes root and forces us to grow with it.

  • For many people, self-delusion is a survival technique.

  • The young want to change the world; while the elderly only want to change the channel.

  • An orderly mind doesn’t require an orderly world.

  • Perhaps the best way to motivate others is to cast a beam ahead to where they already want to go but didn‘t know where it was or how to get there.

  • More than a sight; more than a smell; more than a touch, more than a taste, it is the music that we hear that somehow penetrates to somewhere within and repeats over and over to our delight.

  • Flattery is pleasing when entering the ear but toxic if swallowed.

  • To a great extent we are all puppets that are moved by the strings of our past.

  • Those that envy the wealth of those of the past shouldn’t overlook the fact that those of today possess something more valuable than that wealth, -life.

  • For most people, the most frightening place to explore is within themselves.

  • That optimism invites action while pessimism invites inaction should be reason enough to chose the former.

  • Greed should be regarded as just another kind of fear, the fear that others might rise significantly above us unless we acquire much more than they do.

  • Memories tend to be of two distinct kinds. The first is the kind that performs analog-like. We are born with and retain this kind of remembering throughout life. This kind of memory has no filing system associated with it and thus can’t be readily accessed, like a fireworks display that we see for a moment but can never recall exactly. This kind of memory remains as memories of our preverbal past and remains in our subconscious. The other kind of memory comes to us linearly like digital signals. They are the sentences that we encounter and are generally able to access because a filing system is associated with them. They make up most of our conscious existence, especially in our learning. The first type is most influential in affecting our emotions while the latter our thoughts. What distinguishes most individuals is whether they are primarily influenced by the first type or the second type. Ideally, the first type would be dominant in emotional circumstances like loving and the latter in intellectual circumnces like problem solving.

  • Few things raise our esteem in the eyes of others more than our willingness to admit our mistakes when we make them.

  • Don’t dislike opposition, because no one ever got stronger by pushing on a twig.

  • Your opinions will cease to count if you always agree with the opinions of others.

  • Even though love is blind, an improvised Braille system does well enough.

  • One of the most difficult things to tell your child is: “I don’t know.”

  • Virtue comes easy to the un-tempted.

  • It’s difficult to become overly concerned about one’s apathy.

  • Those that we call creative are those that have developed the ability to discover the uniqueness that exists within each of us.

  • Words of affection, as well as the physical expressions of love, are poor representations for what exists within the heart.

  • Hating is the way that we avoid admitting our fears.


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Page 156 of  161

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