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  • It is true that opposites attract; how else can you explain the attraction between men and women?

  • Charles Darwin was mistaken about our descending from the great apes; emotionally, the rabbit is much more likely.

  • The foot only covets the next rung while the head the last.

  • It is easy to be grateful for all of the positive things that happen in life but few of us take notice of the even greater number of negative things that never found us.

  • The time that we are allotted is like a savings account in which we can withdraw time without ever being told the accountís balance.

  • One of the secrets of happiness lies in preserving the wonder of childhood as a treasure. With that treasure, even the smallest of things will fulfill within what large things seldom do.

  • The fear of failure has cost mankind far more than all of its failures combined.

  • The greatest test of our inner strength comes when we are forced bear lifeís heaviest burdens; then and only then do we discover our strengths and our weaknesses.

  • Although it may not seem so at the time, the most predictable way to get others to think ill of us is to speak ill of others.

  • Memories are steppingstones into our past.

  • If we saw all of the obstacles in advance of our seeking success, we probably would not succeed; therefore success is due in part to our ignorance.

  • Many make the mistake of believing that possessions can ever fill their vacuum within.

  • Few things are as difficult to conquer as human nature. Thus only a few have succeeded and only then for a few times.

  • If you want to be remembered, just compliment a stranger on something that they have.

  • One of the severest tests of character comes from receiving the acclaim of the many.

  • Admiration of something tends to diminish in proportion to its closeness.

  • Anger is when we open the internal doors to our personal barbarians.

  • Itís a good thing that beauty is only skin deep as it is unlikely that beautiful livers and guts would get their jobs done.

  • A child cannot ask a silly question; adults on the other hand, can provide silly responses.

  • No matter how well ordered a life is, chance will always play an important role, and sometimes a decisive role.

  • We need to remain mindful of the trajectories of our pasts because they will largely determine the trajectories of our futures.

  • The things that matter most in life is are not made from matter but made from attitude.

  • Curiosity is the spark that continues to light the fire of understanding.

  • Most of our faults should be considered only as souvenirs of our youth that were kept for sentimental reasons that are now unknown to us.

  • Many things are easy for the patient person but nearly impossible for the impatient.

  • One thing that distinguishes mankind from all others within the Animal Kingdom is that it contains those that are willing to undergo pain and suffering for the sole purpose of inflicting the same on others.

  • Two lose when an argument is won.

  • The easiest way to get others to believe you is to tell them what they want to hear; truth is entirely irrelevant.

  • More to be treasured in youth than intellect is curiosity. Curiosity, if left unbridled, will never cease in seeking understanding.

  • Unfortunately each life occasionally casts a shadow on others; but the only way to avoid this is to dwell in total darkness.

  • It is doubtful if we have the power to dream of the most that we can be; however, we do have the power to dream of more than we are.

  • Those who seem to march to a different drummer may be out of step with that drummer too.

  • If you are not yourself, then you must be nobody.

  • Nothing tends to bind people together as much as their sharing of common fears.

  • A baby grows to become an adult in most but not all respects.

  • Character is what remains once ego is peeled away.


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