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  • “Past perfect” exists only in grammar.

  • Dreams reveal our ability to see over our horizons.

  • We tend to see ourselves through the eyes of others.

  • Our greatest waste of natural resources is in what is around us every day, -the natural talents that will never be developed.

  • To try to always speak the truth is the pinnacle of humanity; in failing to always know what is the truth is human.

  • One thing that parents often learn is that it would have been better to have been an admirer of children than the owners.

  • The most perishable commodity that we will ever possess is time itself.

  • Living is somewhat like falling in that the longer you do it, the faster you seem to go.

  • It is difficult for character to develop unless one keeps desires and fears locked in their cages.

  • “Will” is the ability to forge ourselves into what we’ve chosen to be.

  • Deep within each of us is cornucopia of great beauty that yeans to be discovered but is kept hidden by the cultural myths of what our culture wants us to believe. Until we get beyond the superficial, we will never have an inkling of the great beauty of what we were, are, and could become.

  • Those who want to find the meaning of life will eventually discover that the only meaning in life is what we put into it.

  • Sometimes we can hear more with our eyes than our ears.

  • If we fail to learn how to control our emotions, we will, just like a baby, permit our emotions to control us; and in the process this will permit others to control us by manipulating our emotions to their benefit instead of ours.

  • Each day will become “the one that got away.”

  • Long before words came into existence, mankind undoubtedly communicated with tonal utterances, which probably explains why our liking of music is found in most cultures. Our relatively recent use of words also explains why mankind is so predisposed to emotional responses rather than rational responses.

  • Freedom is directly proportional to the number of choices that we have.

  • To not abuse power is as difficult as chewing a piece of chocolate and not swallowing it.

  • Many successes tend to favor failure.

  • The heart and the mind can peacefully coexist until we use the mind when the heart should have been used and when we use the mind when the heart should have been used.

  • “Use it or lose it.” Is often said regarding muscles, memory, and a few other things; but it is also true that our negative tendencies can be lost as well, the longer that we don’t use them.

  • As practice tends to make perfect, we shouldn’t be surprised that the longer people are idle the more proficient they become at being idle.

  • It seems to be in our nature to always be looking forward; however most of the time that we’re looking forward we’re focusing on what we see in the rearview mirror.

  • Tending to have a guilty conscience is like having one’s mother always watching.

  • A road of life without potholes and bumps is a road that was never traveled.

  • A lie is worse than the truth because once discovered it shows that the person is also weak enough to be frightened by mere words.

  • Mankind’s tendencies to remain unchanged or to endlessly pursue change is easily explained by Newton’s first law which states that a body in motion tends to remain in motion in the same direction and likewise a body that is not in motion tends to remains unmoved. Human’s, for all of their abilities, show a remarkable likeness to inanimate objects.

  • Nothing shows our ignorance as clearly as our ignorance of our ignorance.

  • As we get older, we discover that Father Time has appointed himself dictator for life.

  • Whether we are aware of it or not, everyone is happy compared to someone else.

  • One talent that is generally unrecognized is the talent for being happy. Those who are devoid of this talent are as likely to become happy as a person would be in succeeding in a career of playing a violin with no musical talent.

  • Financial needs feed like a parasite on our time, robbing us of the ability to discover our personal needs for a fulfilled life.

  • It is easy to read another’s mind; unfortunately it requires an interpreter to understand what is read.

  • I’ve always wondered if Diogenes excluded himself in his search for an honest man because it was never said that he was looking for another honest man. Your guess is as good as mine, but if he didn’t exclude himself, that should tell us something about human nature and explain why having honest leaders tends to be so rare.

  • In boating down the river of life, it is far more valuable to know where the shoals are than where we would find the deepest water.

  • It may be that we still remember everything that we’ve ever learned; the problem may be that instead of their being deleted, they may have been incorrectly labeled or repression may have saved them as hidden files.

  • Few things destroy objectivity as much as acclaim.

  • There are those who not only march to a different drummer; they also march in a different band.

  • It is believed that the components of what we are were the products of evolution. If this is so, it is difficult to imagine how our attraction to music evolved unless our original communications were the uttering tones which eventually evolved into language.

  • Adversity ushers us to where we discover our strengths that had lain fallow.

  • From the moment that we make our first choice, life becomes an experiment in how to gain the things that we value and avoid the things that we dread.

  • When running a distance race, it is found that after one becomes fatigued that one develops a second-wind where it seems as if suddenly there is more energy than just a minute ago. Life also is a distance run where it is easy to become fatigued and desire to quit; however, just like in running if one persists a new source of energy is discovered to press on.

  • Most people would be much happier if they were curious about everything but only concerned themselves with the things that they can do something about. It is a waste of life to dwell on those things which one cannot change.


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