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  • No matter how securely we bolt our doors, Father Time always manages to leave his calling card.

  • Monogamy makes it certain that we will go forth and add, not multiply.

  • When we hold a grudge it is really the grudge which is holding us.

  • We seem to have no defense against our ability to fool ourselves.

  • Although familiarity may breed contempt, unfamiliarity almost always breeds xenophobia.

  • Young people seem to believe that youth is a vaccine for the prevention of death. 7*

  • The more insecure that we are about our own beliefs, the more we try to persuade others to accept our beliefs.

  • The greater the concentration of power, the more it will be used arbitrarily.

  • When someone gets diagnosed as having hypochondria, the first thing that they wonder about is whether or not itís fatal.

  • When confronted by fear, the safest course always tends to be to move with the herd even if we have no idea where the herd is headed. We usually find that those at the head of the herd donít know either because they are running away instead of towards.

  • Since the pendulum is so dull, it seems to cut nothing but air; but if we think about it for a minute, it also cuts away time with each swing and with enough swings, it cuts away lives as well. Thus the pendulum is really the scythe of the Grim Reaper.

  • It is a part of the constant human condition that the things which we may want are boundless while our means to acquire them arenít.

  • Paradoxically, true freedom is acquired by first placing reins on ourselves.

  • When we are wise enough to look back on our earlier times and recognize our foolish beliefs and acts, it is even wiser yet to assume that someday we will probably look back on the present as being the same.

  • Abuse is the shadow of power which moves with us and becomes more extreme the brighter the light which shines up on us.

  • One of our most valuable assets is disposed of cheaply when we decide to lie about small matters.

  • ďSimplicityĒ seems to be the unacknowledged god of those who refuse to think.

  • When confronting setbacks, it is well to recall that the first stage of grief tends to be denial and the last stage acceptance. Those who prosper tend to not deny and go directly to acceptance and make the most of what has happened. Those who fail tend to remain locked in the prison of denial until it is too late.

  • We need to always remember that even though we are born with a clean slate that we are still slate.

  • Generalities are interesting but since we are all different we should remember that the same key doesnít fit all locks.

  • We cannot reason fear away. If we could we would find that there is very little to fear because most fears originate within us.

  • It may be that through most of our lives, that we are only aware of the shadow of death; however, a time comes when death emerges into light that is bright enough to make its presence undeniable.

  • Most would prefer to take the risk of failure with the many than risk the opportunity of success with the few.

  • The one kind of blindness that is curable is that believing that we are superior. The cure is time.

  • To test the corruptibility of someone, elect that person to public office.

  • Life is like a one-way dead-end street where no parking or u-turns are allowed.

  • It is surprising how quickly dreams vanish from our memories upon awakening; however, there is one other kind of dream that vanishes even quicker, the dreams which are told to us by others.

  • All of us are much closer to being idiots than we are in being as smart we think we are. We tend to think ourselves smart only because we compare ourselves to one another. True, some of us idiots are smarter than some of the other idiots, but that isnít saying much.

  • In order to understand our existence, we need to recognize that since the first human and until the last, we have always been just one but divided by our misconceptions about the true nature of time and space.

  • We all stand in line to meet the Grim Reaper. The problem is that we donít know the number of those who stand ahead of us.


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