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  • If one feels constantly pressured, itís best to not go flat.

  • We should not reflect on our misfortunes as a reason to explain our failures, but as cattle prods to hasten our successes.

  • Biting the hand that feeds you should mean that you will have a sore hand.

  • Taking the Fifth Amendment is not an acknowledgement of guilt, but rather the acknowledgement that there are those that are so perverse that they can turn an innocent comment into incrimination.

  • Few things make a questioner more uncomfortable than one that answers with only a "yes" or "no" without qualifications.

  • If you "hitch your wagon to a star", be sure to get permission first.

  • Long-term plans are like firing a rifle at a distant object. Both require understanding of whatís in-between.

  • Never open your mouth in a heated argument or when chewing food.

  • Assuming the good intentions of another, seldom leads to misfortune. Assuming the ill-intentions of another, seldom leads to good-fortune.

  • If something can be fixed, fix it. If something canít be fixed, forget it. If the something wonít forget you, replace it.

  • Never reason with a mob.

  • When we pursue success, we always need to be sure not to hold up those that may be following.

  • Telling someone that theyíre fat, is as informative as telling your poodle that itís a dog.

  • If we stand together too closely, we will fall with the others.

  • Inaction doesnít necessarily indicate indecisiveness, but perhaps indicates the wisdom to defer until understanding arrives.

  • If "He that hesitates is lost", why is it then that "Haste makes waste"?

  • When encountering an impenetrable barrier, start thinking of what a good road it will make.

  • Think of encouragement of the young, as being like a baton being handed off in a very long relay.

  • We often remark that others just donít understand us, but we should wonder how they could when weíve just begun to understand ourselves?

  • One should always be growing, but not growing as to cast a shadow over others and stunt their growth.

  • We are always mistaken when we believe that things upset us; what upsets us is how we think about those things. In most cases we would be wiser to change our thoughts than to try and change the world.

  • Acting on impulses most often presents regrets while acting on deliberate thoughts seldom do; for this reason we should regard our impulses as saboteurs of our interests and of those that we love.

  • Those that tend to focus on lifeís deficiencies tend to encounter greater deficiencies; those that tend to focus of lifeís abundances tend to receive even greater abundances.

  • When one is around someone that seems to speak incessantly, there is no reason to try and get a word in, as no matter what you may say, that person is only waiting for your silence to begin in order to resume their blizzard of words.

  • The gift of life is placed into our hands, yet like water, it will be lost if clutched tightly; also like water, the gift can sustain those that thirst when life is shared.

  • Oneís cleverness is often expressed by remaining silent while fools rave.

  • Reason and emotion exist as two distinct facilities in humans, and are beautiful when pure, but when mixed, they become toxic to our communications and to our personal fulfillments.

  • In seeking the ultimate in life, we might pause to wonder if the seeking, isnít in itself, the ultimate.

  • It is only in very long relationships that expectations of another can be considered soundly based; to hold expectations of what anyone else will do leads most often to disappointment and conflict.

  • We say that we remember yesterday or perhaps last year or even a year decades ago, but we remember none of them; all we do is remember certain things about them; this is like believing that we remember a book because we can recall a few things that impressed us.

  • It is easy to be so caught up in achieving and acquiring those things that our culture says that we should, that we completely overlook achieving our own inner-development and overlook gaining the insights into ourselves that are necessary for inner-fulfillment. Failing to do so is why so many feel emptiness within.

  • Everyone should discover that it is possible to have euphoria through self-knowledge and the eventual fulfillments of our inner-selves without drugs or monetary costs of any kind, and also without withdrawal symptoms of any kind. Happily though, such euphoria can be just as habit-forming as are drugs.

  • Unless one views humans as a product of something other than of nature, how is it possible that whatever we do is unnatural? Perhaps the most unnatural thing that we do is to regard what we do as being unnatural. ďUnnaturalĒ doesnít refer to nature but to the judgments of humans as to what those humans want others to not do.

  • Destiny and fate are not rivers that sweep us along to their ends; rather what are called destiny and fate are figments of our imaginings that account for what happens that we didnít intend to cause. Both are unrelated to reality even by marriage.

  • Even though today may be the first day of the rest of your life, it also may be the last; there is no reason not to treasure it as if it were.

  • Those that are indifferent are like prison wardens that never lock their cells, they donít care if their prisoners remain, and they also donít care if they leave to harm again; indifference is like neutrality taken to the level of absurdity.


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