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  • Few things evoke as much ire as those that express thoughts that strongly conflict with established beliefs.The reason for this is that those beliefs are sensed by their owners as being put in jeopardy by other’s conflicting thoughts. If confidence in those beliefs were absolute, conflicting thoughts would only evoke curiosity and not ire.

  • Each day delivers to our door, a fresh assortment of opportunities. Sometimes these opportunities are wrapped with coverings that hide their true worth to us; but if we leave them unopened, they often expire, never be heard of again.

  • There are many that seem to believe that a truth is somehow proportional to the number of words used in describing that truth; when generally it is just the opposite.

  • Since the will never be a final answer to the great questions of life, any conclusion that we reach should be looked at as just a resting place for now and a starting place for tomorrow.

  • A mother can be looked at as our crutch during childhood that becomes our foundation to stand on once grown.

  • It is wise to have doubts of everything including doubting our doubts.

  • Through most of life we are either the numerator or the denominator and occasionally the product.

  • One thing that makes going to sleep difficult is to think of how many things that could very well have happened but didn’t, though no credit to ourselves, that would have made life desperate instead of comfortable.

  • A hundred intuitive hunches can save anyone from having to make one rational decision.

  • Most of the time there is no safety in numbers, but there is a lot of danger in numbers.

  • Generally the more people talk about what they’re going to do, the less they’re going to do of what they’re talking about.

  • Those that reminisce should remember, the past isn’t and never was what it used to be.

  • Were it not for the possible truth in what others say, we’d never be offended by their criticisms.

  • Perhaps there is some grand purpose for mankind’s existence, and perhaps we are all just unusual bits of flotsam drifting through time and space. While living, neither belief can be supported by verifiable evidence and perhaps also not even after life either.

  • Almost every problem is easy to solve as long as it’s someone else’s.

  • All things that are material are temporal; the things that we regard as existing but being non-material either don’t exist or if they do, there is no way of testing for their durability, and are therefore un-testable hypotheses.

  • In general, we are only in the particular.

  • A good leader leads where the followers would have gone anyway; an outstanding leader goes to where the followers should have been going.

  • Those that save the best for last often save the best for their heirs.

  • No matter how objective nihilism is or could become, and no matter how liberating it may be, nihilism will be rejected by virtually all because it doesn’t embody any delusions of even the most minor grandeur.

  • It is our habit of thought to think of a space that contains only air as being of little value. Yet that very same space becomes one of our highest values when we enclose it and call it home. Much of what we most value started out as nothing until we acted to transform it. Such cases, among many, are education, love, and understanding,

  • Any idea is easier for others to accept if the idea incorporates some element of immortality for its potential adopters.

  • It is the fool that follows a road map when it says there is a road where there is none; so are we all from time to time when dogma tells us one thing while our senses and intellect tell us that the dogma is false and yet we follow the dogma.

  • We may be that we are the end product of evolution, but it is unlikely that we are the last.

  • Knowledge is like a building site that has received all of its building materials; understanding and wisdom are the assembling those materials into something that is useful.

  • An absolute vacuum is believed to exist nowhere in the Universe, but perhaps we should at least suspect its existence in our heads from time to time.

  • A fool and his beliefs are seldom parted.


  • Many are born to wealth, and fiddle that advantage away.

  • Many have high intellect, and fiddle that advantage away.

  • Many are born in America, and fiddle that advantage away.

  • Many are highly educated, and fiddle that advantage away.

  • Many are born with the advantages of race, religion, and sex, and fiddle these away.

  • Many know our native tongue and local customs, and then fiddle these advantages away.

  • Many are born with all of these advantages, and still fiddle all of these away.

  • The ingredient that is missing is resolve. Without resolve, many are turned back by life's predictable failures, ignoring that resolve towards an end almost always results in achieving the desired end, even with those individuals that have none of these advantages to fiddle away.


Comments - Our Human Nature
Page 17 of  161

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