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  • Those that want to become economically independent often feel that their first efforts are only a drop in the bucket, but what else could be expected? Winning a lottery would be a bucket-full in a bucket but also be very unlikely. A drop followed by more drops is almost certain to fill the bucket if undeterred.

  • The cost of living doesnít increase anywhere near as fast as the cost of wanting.

  • It is often said about the stock-market that a rising tide lifts all ships. This is supposed to mean that all stocks will rise in a rising market; however, just like the Titanic, those sunken ships and stocks that are -sitting on the bottom will remain there regardless what the tides and markets do.

  • Hunches are worth considering but not worth depending on, as we generally have no idea whether they originated in subconscious reasoning or subconscious madness.

  • The most valuable advice in investing is to imitate those that have succeeded and ignore the far greater number that that merely claim ability, especially if they wish to sell you something.

  • A long-life is often a disappointment for those that didnít provide for it.

  • Although we are guaranteed the right to pursue happiness, few things would slow American commerce more than an epidemic of happiness. Our commerce is more founded on the pursuit of happiness than on its realization; dissatisfaction is essential to commerce and destructive to happiness.

  • Most of those that have become wealthy are like a ballplayer that just hit a home run and after crossing home plate, heads for first base again.

  • Avoid, by all means, that investment for which you have no doubt of being successful.

  • Personal corruption and ruin are made easier and more probable by wealth.

  • Perhaps there are no shortcuts to success, but there are plenty of long-cuts.

  • Many wonít put their money in the stock-market because they believe that there is too much risk of loss, yet they will keep their money in a bank, just earning interest that is less than the rate of inflation; this means that loss in buying power is certain, while there are conservative stocks that pay more and are likely to grow just as fast as inflation.

  • Capitalism should encourage cutthroat competition, but just up to the point before everyone bleeds to death.

  • There are very many Americans that hate the idea that a business is making a profit in dealing with them, and the same Americans usually find a certain glee when a business sustains a loss. If one would just stop and think, it is only by making a profit and avoiding losses, that all the wealth of a nation is accumulated; after all, that which we have accumulated didnít come into existence from nothing, but from profits of some kind some where.

  • Money may not bring happiness, but few would doubt that it prevents a great deal of unhappiness.

  • From the time of George Washington until the formation of The Federal Reserve System that began operating in1914, inflation was essentially zero. Does anyone have to guess what causes inflation?

  • The ones that are most able to foresee the future are the ones that have mastered the present in order to create their futures.


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