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  • New ideas have a pungency that only time may sooth. Old ideas are a balm that only time may hone.

  • Though we may be seduced by attractive beliefs, and make them our mistresses, they should be abandoned when faced with beliefs that appear to be closer to truth.

  • A happy person will say that the best thing about the past is that it isn’t present.

  • Those that say: “It isn’t whether you win or lose, it’s how you play the game.” have either just lost or are about to.

  • It seems that those that always want to be noticed must have some kind of problem believing in their own existence.

  • Human relationships are some of the most fragile things in existence because they can sometimes be irreparably broken by just a careless word or two.

  • Solely through our own acts, we can never be entitled to anything. We can not obligate another by our acts. Entitlement originates through the agreement of two or more parties to act in a certain manner under specific circumstances. Other “entitlements” are misnamed wishes.

  • We have become a nation that is expert in doing almost everything without ever sensing where that expertise will take us.

  • So much of our population seems to operate on the belief that we should never let information distract us from the many paths that we have chosen.

  • Much of what we regard as commonsense would be more accurately named common-nonsense.


  • It is a very natural tendency to repeat behavior when it is rewarded, and to desist in behavior when it is punished. But we rear children by rewarding their dishonest behavior and punishing their honest behavior in very subtle ways. Any time we tell a child that their negative feelings should be expressed in positive ways, we do just this. Any time that we tell a child that their negative opinions should be expressed as positive opinions, we do just that. Any time that a child escapes punishment by denying negative behavior, we do just that.

  • As long as adults demand the fantasy of harmony when it is only superficial, children will become adults that put dishonesty ahead of honesty in basic matters that find little resistance in transferring this dishonesty to more important matters. It is really the adults that need to grow up and tolerate less than perfect harmony. As long as adults fear disharmony, they will promote the illusion of harmony at the child’s expense.

  • By the child being able to express negative feelings, opinions, and behavior in the absence of punishment of any kind, problems will be revealed that permit constructive action by the adults so that they can attempt to change those honest negatives into honest positives. Not only should this promote the development of more honest citizens, but also the development of stronger character in better adjusted adults.


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