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  • Most consider theft an act worthy of condemnation, but the same people think nothing of the governmentís borrowing for those in the present when repayment can only be made by those in the future. How is that not theft by deferment?

  • Perhaps taxation without representation is tyranny, but taxation with misrepresentation is usually what we end up with.

  • Those that are opposed to Globalization need to supply another solution for raising the standard of living for those in the poorest of nations.

  • If one wants to defeat a proposal, all that needs to be done is to suggest the formation of a committee for its study.

  • That freedom of speech is more prized than is the freedom of thought, is indicated by how much more talking is done without the companion of thought.

  • Those that complain, "that you can lead a horse to water, but you canít make him drink," are the kind of people that gravitate to government, because of their belief that they know whatís best for everyone else, and horses too.

  • The only way freedom can be given to anyone is by first taking it from them.

  • It may be that the right to bear arms is guaranteed in our constitution, but there is no mention of the right to own ammunition.

  • The arbitrary use of governmental power is roughly proportional to the amount of power that a government possesses.

  • Politicians gain office, not by appealing to the voterís intellect, but by appealing to his emotions.

  • More and more, those that run for political office are looking like hamsters in a squirrel cage.

  • Perhaps there is a difference between oneís political and religious affiliations, but the difference is miniscule emotionally. Most will become just as agitated by questioning the basis of their political membership as their church membership.

  • Most political protest is but the whine of those lusting for power.


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