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  • When another speaks often of iconoclastic things that cannot be true, we call him mad. When another speaks often of iconoclastic things that might be true, we call him a heretic.

  • Zealots of every stripe never met a mind that they didn’t want to control.

  • To assume that life has a purpose, one must assume that either God assigned us a purpose or that Nature has done so. To assume that God has a purpose for us, we then need to assume what that purpose is, as there are hundreds of contending and conflicting religious views to accept. To assume that Nature has a purpose, that purpose is simple-just to sustain and increase our kind, the same as is the purpose of all other living organisms.

  • The dawning of science has been at the expense of the darkness of superstition, mysticism, and religious dogma. The challenge for science is to shed enough light on mankind that these dark forces, still existing in the shadows today, are not able to strengthen and drag mankind back into an encroaching blackness of a new dark age.

  • The concept of “sin” had an obvious social purpose that may have lost relevance for today since there are clearly rational means of directing our actions that would serve our futures better. Sin should be a compact made only between the individual and God, not between man and a society’s social purpose of long ago.

  • It is often said that an idle mind is the devil’s workshop, but for many that workshop has long been demolished and replaced by a playground for angels.

  • It is not as a nation, and not as a congregation that we relate to God, but only as individuals whose nation and congregation are not of the remotest curiosity to God.

  • The soul withers whenever deprivation reigns.

  • If Christians really believe in the Lord’s Prayer when it says: Thy Will be done” why is there not joy instead of anguish when incurring an “Act of God”?

  • In the total time of the Universe’s existence, one’s individual existence is but a snowflake in the warm hand of God.

  • The soul of mankind has been eviscerated by beliefs that proclaim that acquiring trifles and whatnots are the extent of our existence, and that eternal bliss can be had by simply refraining from certain behavior and the employing of certain dogmas.


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Page 17 of  67

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