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  • Often when we say that we can’t put into words what we mean, it’s because we are talking about our feelings, and not about our thoughts. Feelings translate into language only with difficulty.

  • If we could truly understand our enemies, we’d find them more deserving of our sympathy than our anger.

  • When looking at the heavens, nothing is where it appears, and perhaps doesn’t even exist at all.

  • Perfume on a dog, is only a perfumed dog.

  • A vow always possesses reservations that are unrecognized at the vowing.

  • Curiosity is the insurance policy that pays off on the death of certainty.

  • Many go through life as though they’re casting directors choosing those that they will permit to act in their play.

  • Sentences are like families of words, and like families, some are harmonious and others are completely dysfunctional.

  • There must be some logical explanation for why there is so much interest in the things that people do and why there is so little interest in why they do them.

  • Often our understanding of the problems that vex another is like trying to understand the words of an unfamiliar language.

  • The loss of one’s dearest partner is like a bird trying to fly with one wing.

  • There are those that find –falling in love- to be much more difficult than--falling into hate.

  • Sometimes, blessings are so well disguised that they are never identified.

  • When Atlas held the Earth on his shoulders, did anyone know what Atlas was standing on?

  • Our system of education’s greatest tragedy is that much more talent goes into the grave undeveloped, than was ever discovered.

  • The opinions of Hollywood stars on economics and politics shouldn’t surprise anyone if one just considers that they represent an industry that makes shallowness a virtue.


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Page 17 of  101

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