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  • Fear is seldom dispelled by words unless the words are consistent with reality.

  • The greatest debts, which we accumulate, are to those who helped us along the way but who are no longer around for us to repay.

  • Genuine love doesnít come with an expiration date.

  • The most valuable things which weíve ever learned were never taught.

  • Our pre-verbal memories function within us without an index that we usually use in referring to our memories. These pre-verbal memories function in our dream states as well as in the background that causes us to choose without knowing why. Much of what we canít explain about ourselves arises because of these memories which we can not bring to awareness.

  • All of the infallible individuals, that we will ever meet, are infants.

  • When financial interests enter, objectivity flees.

  • Of all of the things in life which are addicting, nothing is as broadly addictive as power; and the greater the power the greater is its addiction.

  • High school students need to recognize that although there is no end of distractions to the young, that these years represent a time of needing to build a foundation under their lives which have to support their future.

  • The average person believes that a statement becomes truer the more that believe it.

  • When widespread hope dies, revolutions are born.

  • By far, the biggest and most tragic waste of our planetís natural resources isnít what we read about; rather it is the immense amount of undeveloped human talent which goes into the grave daily

  • Even though a bird in hand might be worth two in the bush, it is often a reason a need to wash oneís hands. When that happens, it will seem better to have gone after the two in the bush.

  • If it is assumed to be true: ďI think therefore I am.Ē, does it then follow that when we fail to think that we therefore arenít?

  • Few things are as corrupting as receiving sudden wealth.

  • If we assume that there is at least one purpose in life, and then it is essential to assume that that one has to be to reproduce more of our kind, otherwise we would become extinct. It seems as though the same thing can be said about bureaucracies, as any observer can easily recognize that when a new bureaucracy comes into being, one of its first, (and probably its last as well) is to reproduce more of its kind.

  • It is true that many birds of a feather do flock together; however it is also true that many birds of a feather often die together.


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