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  • If we invent something new that should be bought, we are considered smart. If we invent something new that should be thought, we are considered weird.

  • We use fantasy to escape reality. We use imagination to discover it.

  • The tendency of many to look to others to solve their problems dooms them to remain as children, stunted by their dependency and slave to their benefactors.

  • Those that acquire great knowledge but fail to employ it are like a large public library that is kept locked.

  • If we sit on the road of progress, we are certain to be crushed by its owner.

  • It is easier to get others to accept an attractive myth than an unattractive truth.

  • Beware of the obedient ones that carry knives.

  • If you believe that your doctor is a quack, donít let him know until after the operation.

  • If you tell an efficiency expert that the world is going to Hell in a hand basket, heíll find a way to speed up the trip.

  • Calling anything progress, is an expression of faith. Time will be the judge, for much that was once thought progress was in fact regress.

  • When in a time of danger, calmness in manner inspires confidence in others while agitation breeds fear.

  • Weep for those that suffered the past; laugh at those that predict the future.

  • Donít think that just because someone "has a screw loose", that this is an invitation to be screwed.

  • Vigilance against harm from others is good, vigilance against being harmed by our fears is better.

  • One of the most futile things that we do is when we try to replace anotherís vice with our own. The result is usually the addition of one more vice.

  • The best medicine for many conditions is named time.

  • There would be much to be gained if we spent more effort on keeping our minds open and our mouths shut.

  • It is easy to see why so many are certain of so many things that they no longer doubt what are only their opinions; it is much easier to be certain of something when knowing little about it, but it is very difficult to be certain of something by having to learn most of what is known about it.

  • Instead of looking at another as being just another person, just try and remember that every person was once a small girl or boy whose parentís wanted to grow up to be happy; in so doing, perhaps our attitudes towards those about us might soften.

  • One should lead their life so that conscience only hums softly in the background.

  • The hermit crab is a soft-bodied crab that protects itself by living in anotherís empty shell; as it grows, it must find an even larger shell for protection. In much the same way, many feel themselves vulnerable unless they assume the mantle of someone that seems strong; they repeat this as they grow older, always needing a different mantle that seems to afford protection. In this way they live a life of imitations scarcely ever letting others know them for what they really are, and eventually forgetting who they are in the process.

  • Burning the candle at both ends is a metaphor for life being consumed by imprudent acts, but really when a candle burns at both ends most of the candle isnít burned to produce additional light; rather the flame melts the wax, most of which drips onto the floor and is wasted, the same way as a life spent imprudently.

  • Experience is said to be the best teacher; this is usually said as a response to failure. But, it may be that experience is the only teacher when it comes to life, whether the experience is positive or negative. Because books only give us expectations of what life is probably going to be; it is the experiences of life that teach us whether the books were trustworthy or not.

  • Many live their lives as though their highest beliefs were mere cargo to be borne through life instead of something to be lived daily.

  • It is easy to understand the world about us when we think only in the simplistic terms of right and wrong; it is difficult to delve into the underlying causes of what we judge, and this is the primary reason that we will remain so separated and fearful of one another.


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