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  • Youíre wrong when you think that lifeís picking on you; all life is doing is trying to build character.

  • If our only pay for good works is the praise received from others, then we are being underpaid, for the greatest pay of all is what we pay to ourselves just in the joy of creating.

  • The most confining of all prisons arenít constructed of stone but of fears, prisons that will endure a lifetime as there are no pardons or paroles; the only opportunity for freedom is to escape by ignoring our fears and discovering that they existed only in our minds.

  • When we dream, our dreams progress without conscious direction; often when we are creative, our thoughts also progress without conscious direction, creating things that were never imagined beforehand as though coming from a source totally unknown.

  • Some concepts are as difficult to grasp as a handful of Jell-O.

  • One should never be afraid of innovating, even after failing; this is because each failure represents a journey on a short road while every success may become a journey on a road that is endless.

  • Something original is only the last stone laid in a very long road that is different from the road yet always a part of it

  • The bird that will always soar has no need of feet.

  • The reason that imagination seems so much greater in the young than in the old, is because the old have had their imaginations buried by the many learned fears of life; there probably is greater imagination in the old but like some deep oil fields, they are very difficult to tap and utilize. The imagination of the young however, lies on the surface and is not ignorable.

  • We come and we go in life as in a fog, and like being in a fog, we see most clearly at its onset and at its leaving.

  • We probably should have no fear that Spanish will displace English in America; what is more probable is that these two languages will merge to become a branch of English, from one perspective, or a branch of Spanish, from another perspective.

  • It is very stimulating to be blunt; however it is the kind of stimulation that gets you ejected.

  • Hindsight is always 20-20; foresight is usually 20-1000.

  • Imagination may be more important than knowledge, but we still have to retain knowledge of what weíve imagined,

  • Diligent introspection is like whittling in that you can never be sure of what will be found until finished.

  • A fault in a loved one is no matter. The same fault in an enemy is an outrage.

  • "Hope" is only a life-preserver thrown into a turbulent sea that we each may reach for only if willing.

  • Honor cannot be given, only recognized. Honor existed before any recognition, and most often exists without any recognition.

  • It is strange how those around us become hard of hearing, at the very same time that their voices become weaker.

  • If one finds that their employment is work, then one missed their calling.

  • Ignorance is like a fat jockey on our backs that never dismounts.

  • Conformity is just a morass of quicksand that promises only to swallow our individuality.

  • Insight doesnít come from what is in sight, but from what is inspired.

  • Imagination is the name of the ship on which we sail in search of what is real.

  • Absolute impartiality is only to be found once absolutely dead.

  • What we need is less fear of rejection, and more rejection of fear.

  • If the U.S.ís losses in Vietnam and the USSRís losses in Afghanistan taught anything, itís that a people cannot be defeated until they accept defeat.

  • If mankind had only acted out of precedence, we would still be huddled in caves. Those that broke with precedence are responsible for the quality of life today, and were often condemned for breaking with tradition.

  • Even the most irrational believe that they are rational.

  • It is true that "Variety is the spice of life", however for many, variety becomes the vice of life.

  • The last drop of hope is consumed by the last heartbeat.

  • Those that concern themselves with being defrauded should look within, for the greatest frauds of all are the beliefs that we hold dear, that fail to deliver to us on their promises.


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