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  • Intuition is the last resort in the total absence of information.

  • Many of the problems that we deal with have to do with our not recognizing when a problem has been solved.

  • If truth is to live on, it must prepare for the incessant attacks from those allied with dogmas.

  • When someone says: "The end justifies the means", this usually indicates that there will be a mean ending.

  • Few things make us as susceptible to failure as the delusion of our invulnerability.

  • Doubts are wise before decisions, but they are fatal during executions.

  • To assume responsibility for all that is, is an absurd assumption with no positive implications. To assume that what we do may be responsible for all in the future is an assumption with only positive implications.

  • Sports are creations of mankind, created to replace an innate need for combat. Within this creation we have deluded ourselves into believing that outcomes are significant to our future; a significance that endures only until the next imitation of combat when the pretending begins again.

  • To believe that "all great minds think alike" requires a very peculiar definition of the word "great".

  • Many acquire their beliefs only by discovering how popular those beliefs are. It is though truth is a product of popular declaration rather than of accurate descriptions of what is or was.

  • Prejudices are like weeds in the garden of tranquility that must be pulled out one by one before going to seed.

  • One of the most dangerous conditions is when a large mass of individuals possess the same certainties and are committed to cause all others to believe the same.

  • Those that generally distrust others probably doubt themselves even more.

  • The soul of mankind has been eviscerated by beliefs that proclaim that acquiring trifles and whatnots are the apex of our existence, and that eternal bliss can be had by simply refraining from certain behaviors and the employing of certain dogmas.


Comments - Our Non-Religious Beliefs
Page 18 of  131

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