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  • Religious fundamentalists primary defense against the discoveries of science is to declare that science has discovered the work of the Devil, while they never entertain for a moment the probability that science has discovered the greater handiwork of God that created everything by a more wondrous means that now conflicts with pre-science dogmas.

  • Ancient religious books should be regarded as accurate, not in their details of events, but accurate in the presentation of the beliefs that were wanted at an earlier time.

  • Nothing so strengthens the fanaticism of true-believers as something that arouses doubts about their beliefs.

  • It is doubtful that God would have created a gatekeeper on Earth to intervene between Him and us. Does anyone doubt that God has the power to enter our souls directly and without the corrupting intervention by others?

  • The words of wisdom of the ancients, on which religions are based, should be the foundation of religion, and not the miracles that were once needed for convincing those of long ago. Otherwise, since these myths are accepted for what they are, there is great danger that the wise words of the ancients will be discarded along with the myths as we understand ourselves more.

  • Coercion has never produced a moral individual; rather coercion has only reduced the discovery of immorality.

  • If it were the dogma of a group to worship a golden idol, it is certain that the congregation would not permit a metallurgist in its door.

  • Righteousness is arrogance plus a smidgen of religion.

  • If God cannot enter a personís heart in solitude, why would we expect this to happen in a group?

  • Does anyone know why churches have lightening rods if their trust in God is absolute?

  • With thousands of theological concepts of God, why would anyone quarrel with the hypothesis that mankind has in large measure created God?

  • If truth is to live on, it must prepare for the incessant attacks from those allied with dogmas.

  • When we were first born, it was not a public event; hence in being born again, perhaps it also should be between the individual and the Great Deliverer.


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Page 18 of  67

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