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  • The average of one and ninety-nine is fifty. Does that average help in knowing what it was that was averaged? “The average” can be as informative as “misinformative”.

  • Many seem to wander through life as though asleep but with their eyes open.

  • The applause of courtesy and the applause of approval sound the same.

  • Some seem to think it wise to burn a bridge before crossing.

  • Without a sense of history, it’s impossible to appreciate the present.

  • Those that are prone to judge you, are as likely to approve as much of your accomplishments as of your demise.

  • Thinking before acting is an entirely foreign concept to the impulsive.

  • The two most important things that others must know about us are: 1) That they don’t need to know anything about us.

  • The attack on The World Trade Center proves conclusively that it is possible to sneak up on others and stab them in the back.

  • Those that have discovered that they have little of what the world needs, invariably form protest groups to oppose others that are trying to do something that the world does need.

  • There are those that approach life as if it were easier to walk through walls than doorways.

  • One of the things that most characterize a particular failed life is the number of reasons that this life justified the believing that things couldn’t be done.

  • With many, their two happiest days were when they were married, and when they were divorced.

  • An average individual also couldn't have been found even by Diogenes.

  • The chattering of individuals is like the twittering of birds, tending more to bond than inform.

  • Great accomplishments often are done by untalented individuals ignorant in their handicaps.


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Page 18 of  101

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