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  • Firmness should never be mistaken for fairness, though those that are firm may intend it so.

  • A wish is like the stump of a tree in that it is an obstacle that has little likelihood of growing into any thing that is valued.

  • One of the keys to success is to employ those that are even smarter than you are, but not so motivated as to open their own businesses and compete.

  • When young, one is highly motivated to act but with little wisdom. When old, one acts with great wisdom but with little motivation.

  • It is better to plan for the future than to let the future plan for you.

  • Few things more increase one’s esteem from others, then to freely say-"I was wrong about that." when it is so. Few things decrease esteem more than claiming correctness when obviously mistaken.

  • We should never shy from a wise course of action only because it may benefit those that we wish to not benefit.

  • The first step towards wisdom is to begin to doubt everything, starting with that which is regarded as certain.

  • The most certain way to achieve one's dreams is to stop dreaming and act.

  • The average brag about their intentions, while the exceptional remain quiet about their accomplishments.

  • Silence is the coward’s way of expressing agreement, when in disagreement.

  • You’re not adding any progress to a culture when others generally approve of what you do.

  • If we expect our acts to make a difference, we need do acts that are different.

  • The pursuit of wisdom ceases when the need to know "Why?" ceases.

  • To worry less about tomorrow, worry more about today.

  • One should never become so attached to anything that one cannot detach from without great suffering.

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  • Many are born to wealth, and fiddle that advantage away.

  • Many have high intellect, and fiddle that advantage away.

  • Many are born in America, and fiddle that advantage away.

  • Many are highly educated, and fiddle that advantage away.

  • Many are born with the advantages of race, religion, and sex, and fiddle these away.

  • Many know our native tongue and local customs, and then fiddle these advantages away.

  • Many are born with all of these advantages, and still fiddle all of these away.

  • The ingredient that is missing is resolve. Without resolve, many are turned back by life's predictable failures, ignoring that resolve towards an end almost always results in achieving the desired end, even with those individuals that have none of these advantages to fiddle away.


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