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  • If it takes technical knowledge to determine if a gem is a diamond, a painting an original, or a piece of furniture a genuine antique; then how can any rational person believe that something is wanted only for its appearance and not primarily for its snob effect?

  • Mankindís quest to know the meaning of life is likely to be no more productive than trying to understand the meaning of air.

  • Nothing so strengthens the fanaticism of true-believers as something that will arouse doubts about their own beliefs.

  • Those that believe that their future lies entirely in their own hands are just as mistaken as those that believe that their future lies entirely in the hands of fate.

  • When mankind reaches the apex of what we can be, our subsequent descent wonít be because we doubt, but because we didnít doubt enough.

  • When dealing with the physical universe, seeing is believing.When dealing with the non-physical universe, believing is seeing.

  • If a deaf blind girl named Helen Keller can succeed and achieve more than most of us, what person can rationally explain their own failure because of skin color, religion, gender, or lack of attractiveness? Failure is much more a product of giving up than of what we are.

  • Those born into privilege as well those born into dire circumstances are both born onto a starting line, not the finish line of a marathon where the winner is never determined by position at the beginning.

  • Experts are those that have gained the experience and reputation to persuade us of the truth of their beliefs; beliefs which should be held as assumptions only for the present.

  • Most are vexed by uncertainties, but it is only uncertainties that propel mankind towards new understandings of the Universe about us.

  • We tend to believe that our beliefs are based upon the certainty of knowledge, but if called upon to support those beliefs only with empirical evidence, few of our beliefs would be left standing. It is a terrible injustice to assault anotherís beliefs using this standard when few of our beliefs would also survive.

  • We should always be glad when yesterday we spoke convincingly of an opinion which today is abandoned for an opinion believed closer to the truth. Today, we will speak convincingly again of this new opinion, perhaps to its abandonment tomorrow.


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Page 19 of  131

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