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  • Virtually all faults are pardonable if admitted. Virtually all faults are condemnable if defended.

  • One should ignore the muck thrown at politicians until they vigorously deny all of it.

  • When those in government want to subjugate a people, they start small by first imposing their personal tastes on those that elected them.

  • When appointed to a judgeship for life, there is the assumption that the position will mold that individual to be responsible for the role demanded. It is amazing how this has largely succeeded in spite of the very obvious personal biases inherent in every individual.

  • Skepticism should be honed to its finest edge when subjected to politics.

  • The trend of our criminal justice system seems to be changing because of the assumption that the less a criminal is punished, the more likely the prisoner will be to conform to laws when released.

  • An environmentalist is someone that would rather see a forest burn than to see it logged.

  • A successful politician camouflages personal beliefs with ambiguity, obscurity, and subject changing.

  • Leaders that "keep their ears to the ground" run the real danger getting their skulls crushed by the so called silent-majority.

  • The government is most dangerous when it acts in haste to produce benefits that few would reject. These are the times when the harmful effects of laws are most easily overlooked.

  • The most prolific cause of disabled individuals comes not from accident, not from acts of God, and not from the malice of others; but comes from the government’s legislation defining what a disability is, that should be subsidized.

  • We seriously misjudge. when thinking that those that clamor the loudest for the welfare of the public, have put their own welfare in second place.

  • Washington D.C. probably has the highest per capita concentration of delusions anywhere.

  • No matter what the election, it is less painful to loose by a thousand votes than just one.


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