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  • What happens when predestination leads us to believe in free-will and then to act on that belief?

  • Religious zealots would greatly benefit humanity if they were as concerned about mankind’s plight during life as afterwards.

  • If you want someone to join your group, all you need do is persuade them to believe that by doing so, they will become superior to all others.

  • Many regard verifiable facts as mere theory while regarding ancient myths as eternal truths.

  • There are those that interpret part of “The Lord’s Prayer” as: Lead us not into temptation too often.

  • It is unlikely that God ever had need of negotiating skills.

  • There are those that interpret the adversities in their lives as clear evidence that they have God’s attention.

  • If God wanted to really punish mankind, he would grant everyone all of their wishes immediately.

  • Those opposed to science because science tends to dispel their myths, overlook the much greater wonders of what God may have done than was ever imagined by the dogmatists.

  • Has anyone else ever wondered why if Jesus was God’s only begotten son, why God wasn’t able to have as many sons as He wanted? The Bible makes it seem as though God had limitations placed upon him by a higher power.

  • It may be that “Many are called but few are chosen”, but perhaps all are called but just a few understand the message.

  • Our traditions and customs become so entrenched in our minds that we respond to them as though they are our true religions instead of our beliefs in God.

  • Those that believe that mankind should use dogma and not reason to understand one’s personal relationship to God must believe that God’s Gift to mankind to reason should be trashed.

  • Beliefs tend to expand geometrically while facts tend to expand arithmetically. This explains why there are so very many more beliefs than supporting facts.


Comments - Our Religious Beliefs
Page 19 of  67

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