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  • No one ever learned to ride a bicycle by reading a book.

  • What a different world we would have today if mankind were as concerned about what they put into their brains as they are about what they put in to their mouths.

  • Forgiveness is never needed if preceded by understanding.

  • It is wise to be suspicious of any proposal that involves money.

  • Stifling a child’s questioning is like planting a flower’s seed under a rock.

  • No one ever journeyed far in one step.

  • To strengthen an enemy, attack him and leave him breathing.

  • The logical process of blaming parents for what we are can be extended backward in time to eventually blaming God.

  • No matter how hard we hide from trouble, trouble will persist in finding us.

  • Aside from our bones, little will remain from our having lived except the effects of our acts. Even thoughts won’t survive unless one acts by telling others of them by some means.

  • Respect of the wealthy, is respect of money in disguise.

  • With some, reading the instructions is an act of final desperation.

  • I shouldn’t expect others to always agree with me, since I don’t always agree with me either.

  • The act of "getting even", is but the first link forged in a chain that enslaves one’s self.

  • The wise person questions his own wisdom; the fool never does.

  • The anchor must be hauled before a voyage can begin.

  • Trying to retract an insult is like trying to retract a salvo.

  • When we find ourselves unable to teach understandings of what should be done, then that’s that's time we teach shame and guilt.

  • We should all remain as students of life until graduating to the tomb.

  • To discover great obstacles in one’s path to success means that there will be few competitors ahead.

  • The greatest tragedy of mankind, not just of this time but for all the times of the past, is what each of us could have been but never were.

  • Every success as well as every failure opens a door to greater understanding of the world about us as well as the world within us; it is best if we pass through both doors at least once.

  • Few things are as predictable of success as a deep abiding belief that we are doing the right thing.

  • Much of life’s frustrations comes about from our trying to make our pasts a part of our futures.

  • One of the frequent problems encountered in trying to make an intelligent decision is in not being aware of how much information is required for doing so. There is no way of telling if we have 1%, 10%, or 100% of the information that is needed.

  • When we ask another for personal advice we make two errors: We tend to underestimate our own abilities and overestimate other’s.

  • When we have unintentionally offended someone, the second best time to apologize is later.

  • If we build walls around us to keep others away, they will also keep us away from them.

  • When an answer to a problem is discovered before the problem, the answer becomes a problem.

  • If one places the highest priority on long-term goals, mere likes and dislikes become nothing; if one focuses on the short-term goals of satisfying desires and avoiding fears, one tends to lead an impulsive life that seldom goes beyond immediate gratifications.

  • Those that are not happy for the happiness of those about them are undeserving of the same happiness.

  • We reach out for “will be” grasp “is” and let slip “was”.

  • Fear is like an intense dark-emitting sun that absorbs all light and which there is no escape other than its being totally ignored by passing through it.

  • Hate, envy, resentment, and anger all take their toll; please deposit one life.

  • The problem isn’t that “All the world’s a stage”; the problem is that all the actors are amateurs without scripts.


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