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  • One that rare moment when we are permitted to enter the soul of another, we become eternal for just that moment.

  • The beginning has ended and the end is beginning but the middle determines what the beginning will produce in the end.

  • A rich man is poor if he feels himself deficient; a poor man is rich if he feels himself abundant.

  • We are seldom weaker than when we start believing ourselves invulnerable.

  • No one has a remote control that can be used to direct our lives unless we give them one for our controls are all safely located immediately behind our eyes.

  • Rare is the compliment to a stranger that is ever forgotten.

  • Those that contend that homosexuals are the result of choosing to be so and that they could become a heterosexual if they choose, should ask themselves the following two questions: When did I decide to be a heterosexual? If I chose, could I now decide to be sexually attracted to my own sex and become a homosexual that isnít attracted sexually to the opposite sex?

  • At times it seems that we are more sightless than plants that always seem to grow towards the source of light.

  • We should always try to appear as what we are, and avoid trying to be what we appear.

  • It should be remembered that pleasure isnít happiness, but only a part of happiness; the same way that frosting isnít a cake, but only a part of a cake.

  • One thing that is learned in maturing is that Nature is absolutely indifferent to either our sufferings or our pleasures, and that Nature will not intervene to cause one or the other.

  • It would help us to become happier if we would view each day like a new poker hand where we see what we have and then try to do our best with what we have.

  • Rare is the group that ever gave rise to even a hint of wisdom; wisdom almost always flows from the individual, not from a group.

  • Much of our childhood involves our being led ever deeper into a maze in which we will spend much of the remainder of lives finding our way out.

  • Silence often speaks more loudly than spoken words.

  • Beauty is one thing that can be soaked up without draining the source.

  • Few things have the power to either cloud or clarify our thoughts as imminent peril.

  • The length of time for each generation is so insignificant as to not even warrant a punctuation mark in the annals of time, which should be remembered when contemplating our greatness.

  • Although we may regret many things that weíve done, were we to live our lives over and not make the same mistakes, we could well make as many of other kinds, and perhaps even more.

  • Respect is always something that starts within and is left for others to discover.

  • As we age, it becomes more and more like our recent memories are being stored in sieves.

  • It is difficult to see how happiness can exist in the midst of dissatisfaction. But it is also difficult to see how happiness can be sustained without the personal growth spawned by our dissatisfaction with ourselves.

  • "Solitude" is the name of the garden where thoughts are planted and creativity is harvested.

  • Perhaps our individual existence is only a bit of nothingness that deludes itself into believing that itís "somethingness" before devolving back into nothingness.

  • Those, whose sexual appetites vary from ours, must be either prudes or sex-maniacs.

  • If one feeds his fears, they are sure to grow after each feeding. Only by withholding fearful responses, will fears starve and die.

  • A life lived without sorrow, would have to be a very short life.

  • The wounds caused by words tend to never heal, and often fester into self-destructive hatreds of others.

  • That masochists exist is proof that humans can learn to like anything.

  • Today, modern man seems to believe that there is some kind of god that always hovers above him, deciding if he will succeed or fail; and he calls that god "Luck".


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