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  • Those that claim that they did something because they had no other choice, always forget that they had the choice of doing nothing-a choice generally preferred to the one being defended.

  • The wise doubt their beliefs and believe in their doubts.

  • Undoubtedly many of the truths we donít question today became truths through the persistent retelling of untruths.

  • Duties do not spontaneously arise within us, nor are they imposed by others; rather they come into existence only by our willingly agreeing to our future behavior.

  • Even though might may lay claim to being right, it remains only a claim; this is because right is independent of might and is also independent of claiming.

  • Anyone that believes that they are above the law needs to keep a watchful eye on whatís below.

  • Suicide should be thought of as the ultimate short-cut. Karl Marx taught the world how to use the highest ideals to maximize suffering.

  • One of the problems that we may have is that the young, having received their freedom for free, might dispose of that freedom without appreciating its value. We should be thankful that emigrants continue to educate us as to its value.

  • Wanting a society where all are alike in appearance and beliefs, is like wanting to go to a smorgasbord and eat only rice.

  • Whether we are aware of it or not, all of our beliefs are built on a foundation of assumptions. If we wished to assume opposites, we would logically derive opposite beliefs.

  • If the graying of anotherís hair doesnít concern us, then why do we so concern ourselves as to what is going on inside that same head? Both should be the sole concern of the other.

  • What happens when predestination leads us to believe in free-will and then to act upon that belief?

  • We should not ever speak our opinions unless firmly believed. If not firmly believed, we should speak of them as only suppositions. Opinions are only suppositions plus conviction.


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