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  • Our Founding Fathers would be amazed to find that still today; power is passed from one that has it to one that doesnít without any struggle beyond the polling box.

  • The most certain way to reduce the number of wars, is to make it appear certain that the one that starts the war will not profit but will instead sustain losses.

  • Napoleonís strategy of divide and conquer has its political equivalent today when one party seeks to divide our nation in to the "haves and have nots"; and thus convince the "have nots" that they can have what the "haves" have by just voting for them.

  • "The Public Interest" is what lawmakers often refer to when they want legislation that otherwise would best be sent to the latrine.

  • It is said that addiction from heroin can occur from one use. Something else that can be as addicting, is having great power; as a small amount generally leads to wanting more and more until the amount of power proves self-destructive.

  • Every anarchist became an anti-anarchist after successfully gaining power.

  • We should hope for the time, that instead of government imposing moral standards on its citizens, that its citizens gain the power to impose moral standards on their government.

  • America may become the first great power to commit suicide by good intentions.

  • Few whet appetites as much as do censors.

  • Occasionally we hear Congress criticized as "A do little Congress". What more could we want?


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