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  • The pyramids of Egypt are used as an example of the durability of manís creations; but something else may turn out to be even more durable--the false beliefs that are so cherished by so many.

  • If a person had the same beliefs at seventy as was had had seven, we would wonder about that personís mental capacity; but that goal seems to be the precise objective of most theologies.

  • Some of the most hellish social acts have been done while claiming God as an accomplice.

  • Those that believe that everything in a religious text must be true would probably even believe a misprint.

  • Throughout the history of Christianity, the vast number of Christians never read a Bible. It is impossible to see how modern Christians can regard the Bible as a Divine Book, ordained from Heaven, to instruct each of us about God.

  • Some must surely regard God as a buffoon who relies only on the words coming out of the mouths of professed followers in their places of worship.

  • The certainties of religions, act as a powerful allure for those that are lost in a world of conflicting philosophies; but to accept the certainties of one religion at the rejection of all others is to mortally cripple our understandings of one another.

  • Agnosticism is the only intellectual position that can be taken about the belief in God; since there is no verifiable evidence, and probably never will be, as to either His existence or His nonexistence.

  • If an alien should visit earth and examine our inventory of gods, he could be excused for believing that they were manufactured en masse like dolls.

  • Love tends to generate the most horrible atrocities when it is love of country and religion, instead of love of one another.

  • Theology should never be considered as a substitute for religion.

  • Every theology and every sect seems to believe that they somehow have obtained Godís franchise on Earth for the sole rights to distribute His wares.

  • What we call progress has resulted from theories that have led to empirical evidence as to the nature of our Universe. When theories only result in dogmas that are to be held for all time, progress is impossible.


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Page 20 of  67

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